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 Science Dept 19-10
The Middle School Science Program allows students to rigorously investigate both the content and processes of science. Throughout the Science Program topics in earth/space science, biology, chemistry and physics are interconnected to show students the relationships that exist among the sciences and the natural world. Inquiry and laboratory investigations are an integral part of the program. Problem Solving isused to allow students to investigate authentic problems and reinforce science concepts. Setting high expectations and using differentiated instruction provide all students a challenging and engaging access to science.

Staff Members

Content Specialist: Kathleen Damonte

Science 6 Teachers 
Stacey Cohen
Chad Lenz
Sarah Nystrom
Science 7 Teachers
Kathleen Damonte
Michael Osmun
Monica Tarzy


Science 8 Teachers
Jyllian Adzovic
Letitia Alves
Jeong Lee 


STEM Coordinator & Technology and Design Instructor
Dan Howell


Website Resources 

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