Suggested School Supplies

Suggested School Supplies

We will provide supplies to any student in need.

In a couple weeks, we will schedule a pick up for students to get English and math workbooks, some novels and thin textbooks.)


  • Calculator- Please note: You may use the computer as a calculator or you may borrow a scientific or graphic calculator from Westland!

    • For math 6, math 7, math 8 and AIM/IM (Investigations in Mathematics)- basic or scientific calculator

    • For Algebra and Hon Geometry- a TI Graphing Calculator (83, 83+, 84 or 84+)

  • Colored pencils (set of 8 or more)

  • Composition book- lined paper

    • 1 for students taking French or Spanish (including Spanish immersion)

    • 1 for 6th graders in Immersion World Studies

    • 1 for 6th graders for science

  • Earbuds/headphones with microphone (highly recommended)

  • Glue sticks- 3 sticks

  • Paper- Blank (50 sheets)

  • Paper- Graph (50 sheets) or composition book with graph paper for 8th graders (science)

  • Pencils/pens

  • Ruler with metric

  • Scissors

  • Scotch tape- two rolls


And, to be determined soon, some basic art supplies for visual arts students.