Required Vaccinations


Maryland State requires students receive vaccinations on a schedule determined by the CDC in order to attend preschool programs and schools. Students may be exempted from these requirements if a healthcare provider states that the vaccinations are medically contraindicated or for religious objections.
  • For incoming Grade 7 students, families will need to provide documentation that their children received one Tdap and one MCV4 vaccination in order to enter school.
Parents/guardians may contact their healthcare provider for a copy of their children’s vaccination records to verify which vaccinations have been received to date. In addition, parents/guardians can view and print their children’s vaccination records at the Maryland Department of Health Center for Immunization website: 
All healthcare providers in Maryland now are required to record vaccinations administered on ImmuNet, Maryland’s secure immunization information system.

Important Dates

  • August 31, 2020: First day of school. Students must provide documentation that they have received the required vaccinations unless parents/guardians provide documentation of an exemption. Students may enter school if they have not received their vaccinations yet, but parents/guardians can provide documentation that an appointment to receive required vaccinations has been scheduled within the next 20 days.
  • September 21, 2020: Students who have not provided documentation of required  vaccinations must be excluded from school until such documentation is produced.