Registration Information



As a function of the scheduling application, students will have the ability to enter their course requests online. These requests are guided by the recommendations that their current teachers enter. For requesting courses, students should follow the steps listed in the attached flyer, entering the courses that appear on their registration screen.



Login:  Students should use the following URL:                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Once you see the sign-in screen, enter your MCPS username (your 6 digit MCPS student ID #) and password (the password you use to log into the computers at school). Then select “Sign In.” 


Counselors will visit 6th and 7th grade social studies classes in January to distribute materials to students about registration.  Counselors will visit feeder elementary schools in January to distribute materials to students about registration.


If you have any questions about registration you can contact  your child’s counselor for assistance.  


Westland Visits

Your child will haveopportunities to virtually "visit" Westland prior to the first day of school.  All of these opportunities are optional. Dates will be provided in the near future.


General Information                                                                               

Westland Course Bulletin  

MCPS Middle School Program Guide

Course Information Night Presentation 

Immersion Course Information Night Presentation