SSL forms verifying service completed since June 1, 2019, must be submitted by students by the required systemwide deadline of Friday, June 4, 2021.

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Student Service Learning (SSL)

MCPS believes service learning helps students recognize the needs in the community as well as being connected to curriculum goals.  Quality service develops knowledge, skills and opportunities to become an integral part of the community.  Quality learning experiences help to make students aware of the many needs of our vastly diverse world.  All students in MCPS must complete 75 hours for graduation. 

SSL Coordinator: Rita Gama  

(301) 320-6525


How to Start Your SSL?

Student Service Learning (SSL) 


Volunteering Opportunities:

Montgomery County Volunteer Center


Student Documentation Timelines:

(Please note that we will accept any SSL forms from Summer 2019 through the current time, up until the required deadline of June 4, 2021)


Time Frame of Service Documentation
Due Date
Service completed during the summer September 25, 2020
Service completed during the summer and 1st semester January 8, 2021
Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester June 4, 2021

***Any unsubmitted SSL forms from summer 2019 and the 2019-2020 school year will be accepted until June4, 2021.


 Award Documentation 
Due Date
Documentation that qualifies seniors for Certificates of Meritorious Service April 9, 2027
Documentation that qualifies middle school students for the Superintendent's SSL Award. This award is given to students who meet the 75 hour graduation requirement during middle school and is only awarded once. April 9, 2027



SSL Website

Any organization not listed on the MCPS website MUST be preapproved BEFORE the student participates in the service. 

***Hours from an organization that has not been preapproved may not be granted.*** 

Student Service Learning Guide


 Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC)Graduation cap icon 

 Are you looking for a good resource for SSL opportunities,  Montgomery Serves is an organization that has created a data base of volunteer opportunities in Montgomery County. While you are at their website look for the graduation cap icon next to all organizations and opportunities in the database that are MCPS SSL Approved  


Student Service Learning Activity Verification

Individual Student Service Learning (SSL) Request

 All forms turned in for SSL credit must be originals; copies and faxes cannot be accepted. 

Superintendent's Award

The Superintendent’s Student Service Learning Award is given to students who have documented in their service-learning record 75 hours of service by the first Friday in April of a middle school year.


The Certificate of Meritorious Service

The Certificate of Meritorious Service is awarded to students who have service learning records documenting 260 or more hours of service by the first Friday in April of their senior year. There is no application needed for this award.