Westland Middle School PTA Partnerships

 Earn money for the Westland community with every purchase you make through one of our many local community partnerships.  It's called "painless fundraising" and fund raised through these programs are key to funding the many activities provided by the Westland Middle School PTA.  

 Giant A+ Bonus Bucks 

 Safeway E-Scrip  

 Snider's/Chevy Chase Supermarket Grocery Receipts 

 Target Take Charge of Education 

 Wordex Ink Cartridge Recycling 



Earn money for Westland while shopping at Amazon.com, simply click on the link below to get to Amazon and any purchases you make will help benefit the Westland PTA.



Giant A+ Bonus Bucks Program

Under this program, Westland earns cash (over $3,000 per year!) while you do your regular grocery shopping! Registration is easy, but you must re-register EVERY YEAR. Just log onto www.giantfood.com/aplus and designate Westland (you can designate up to 3 schools). Westland's school ID is 00660. 



Safeway E-Scrip Program

 When you register for this program, Westland earns money every time you swipe your Safeway Club Card. To register and/or renew your Safeway card, go to www.escrip.com and click the renew or register (as applicable) section on the page. You can support and list multiple schools, even enter multiple cards such as your Macy's, Visa and Mastercard, and make a big difference with very little effort.


 Snider's/Chevy Chase Supermarket Grocery Receipts Program

Just save your Snider's or Chevy Chase Supermarket grocery receipts and send them in to Westland in an envelope marked "PTA Grocery Receipts." That's all you have to do - and Westland earns cash back!


Target Take Charge of Education Program

When you enroll your Target REDCard in this program, Target donates up to s 1% of your purchases back to Westland. Over the last couple of years, Westland has received over $2,000. Just click here to enroll your card. You can enter Westland MS or our ID - 58213.