Westland Online Directory

The Westland PTA is proud to announce that we have taken our first step to a "Green" PTA by utilizing the AtoZ online directory application.  You can have the entire student directory at your fingertips with a click! Please follow the instructions below to download the app and give it a try.

 AtoZ Directory Photo 

Download Instructions

All parent group members have access to this app for free on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or desktop computer.  The App is not available in the iTunes store or the Android market.

To access the app from your smart phone, follow the instructions below:

1.     Go to www.schooldirectoryupdate.com from your phone’s browser

2.     Enter your username and password

               Username: #User Login#

  Password:  #User Password#

3.     To save the app icon to your homescreen, click the link below that corresponds to your phone:




To receive your userid and password, please email Westland Directory Team at westlanddirectoryteam@gmail.com. If you encounter technical problems with the application then please email info@atozdirectories.com and they will be sure to respond.