Summer Independent Learning

As in previous summers, we expect students to keep their minds active through...


Read a book of their choosing and completing an assignment (among options),


Complete math problems aligned with the upcoming math course and,


Read a book selected for the whole school and complete corresponding assignments. The book this year is New Kid by Jerry Craft. We will be exploring themes related to race, class, inclusion/exclusion. The linked information below will explain how to enroll in the myMCPS class.

We have about 100 copies of the book for you to check out for 2 weeks during the summer.


Welcome to Westland, Rising 6th Graders!!

Below are videos from us at Westland. We are looking forward to meeting you all. (Note: If you are logged in as a student, and the links don't work, try using a personal account. This is a gliche we are trying to fix.)