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Ms. Katherine Ewins
Teacher, Art

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The effects of the art program do not end in the classroom, but extend into the personal and academic development of each student.  Students also develop the ability to concentrate, consider various points of view, problem solve, think creatively, work as a member of a team, and persevere in a task.

The primary goal of education is to enable children to develop their minds and intellectual capabilities using all forms of creative intelligence as means for achieving this goal.  The expressions of thoughts and feelings take many forms.  Art, music, dance, and theatre communicate thoughts and feelings through visual forms, sounds, and movements. 

For children to develop their mental capabilities and realize their fullest potential, they need to be exposed to many kinds of knowledge, to many ways of knowing their world and expressing their thoughts.  Through experiences in art, music, dance, and theatre, children learn to express themselves in terms of their own ideas and feelings.  All the fine arts – performing and visual – provide knowledge about the world, its cultures, and ways of experiencing them that contribute to an understanding that is unique.