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Administration and staff at Wayside Elementary School are appreciative of the commitment, time and energy of our parent/guardian volunteers. The role of volunteers extends beyond the school building -- we have volunteers who work on special assignments from home, those who volunteer on a regular basis, those who are part of a rotation, and those who are scheduled as needed. Talk with your child's teacher(s) about volunteer opportunities and/or check with the office about volunteering in the Media Center, office or during lunch/recess. Please be understanding that individual teachers may or may not desire volunteer support.


Expectations for Every Volunteer


As a volunteer you should:

Exercise mature judgment in supervising children and shall in all instances respect each student’s rights and privacy. It is essential that confidentiality is maintained in and out of the school setting. Violation of a student’s rights and privacy may result in your being restricted from volunteering. If you have any concerns, they are to be shared directly and exclusively with the supervising teacher, staff, and/or administrator. All recordings are prohibited including, audio, still and/or video.


Register at the main office upon arrival and present picture identification. Once registered, volunteers are expected to wear a visitor’s sticker. At the end of the scheduled volunteer time, you must check out.


Notify the teacher, with as much advanced notice as possible, if you are unable to meet your scheduled time. Teachers and staff will do the same, should there be a change in schedule.


Make outside arrangements for child care of non-school age children or children who do not attend Wayside.


Be flexible and willing to do a wide range of assigned tasks. These tasks may include but are not limited to: cutting, copying, filing, changing bulletin boards, supporting a class other than your child’s, reading to a child.


Decrease distractions. Cell phones need to be programmed to vibrate. If the call must be answered, before excusing yourself, please inform the staff member so that he/she is able to make the necessary accommodations.


Defer all disciplinary actions to the administrator or school staff. Notify school staff as soon as you are aware of a disciplinary issue.


Teachers and administrators will determine how to most effectively use volunteers and will provide verbal and/or written directions for tasks. If the task is not clear, please ask for clarification from the staff member with whom you are working.


Volunteer Tips:

1. Set up a preliminary conference with the staff member with whom you will work.

2. Develop a set routine for receiving assignments, written or verbal.

3. Respect that desk, closet, files are private.

4. Never discuss any child’s classroom performance or behavior.

5. Save all questions about your child’s performance or behavior for a scheduled conference.