Emergency Closing

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School is occasionally closed all day due to unsafe weather conditions or mechanical problems in the school. When the decision is made by the Superintendent of Schools to delay the opening, announcements will be given to TV and radio stations usually no later than 6:00 am. These announcements will give pertinent information regarding the delayed opening of schools. Parents must listen to local radio and TV stations during periods of inclement weather. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. In the event of a delayed opening, the school day will end at the regular time unless otherwise announced.


There is always the possibility that our school will have to close early because of water cutoff, loss of electricity, boiler failure, inclement weather, or any one of a number of unanticipated problems.


We urge all parents to be sure that they have made plans for such emergencies when they will not be at home, such as designating a neighbor to receive the child after dismissal or having another responsible adult in the home. In the event of an early closing, students will be sent to their regular after school location unless we receive written notification of alternative plans in advance.  


On days where there is inclement weather (extreme heat or ice/snow) parents are encouraged to monitor local TV and radio stations for a possible early closing. Again, please do not call the school. TV and radio stations receive notification at the same time we do at school.  





Emergency information is available on the MCPS website at www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/emergency/