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Homework is one of the many activities in the total school life of our students.  It supports the instructional objectives of classroom work.  Homework reinforces the student learning of essential skills and should be completed by the student.  Homework also helps to develop the students' learning skills.


The Wayside Elementary Staff recognizes the importance of time for family living, learning, and growing.  Children also need time to participate in child-oriented activities that are fun and educational such as sports, scouts, and music, etc.


Well planned homework assignments involve the following principles: 

Assignments support classroom instructional objectives/indicators and the purpose of each assignment is well defined.

Homework directions are clear and concise.  Related information sources are provided as needed.

Assignments are varied to challenge students' interests and abilities.

Due dates are established to allow for long term planning.

Homework should be turned in by the due date.

 Making homework meaningful to the student requires cooperation and communication among the teachers, students, and parents/guardians. The teacher, through control of the teaching/learning situation, can best determine the nature and length of homework assignments. The teacher should ensure that the amount of homework (3 to 5 times a week) is appropriate to students' needs and abilities and that the total homework load from all the students' teachers is a reasonable one. 


Children should be read to or read independently for at least fifteen minutes a night.


 Assignment Of Homework In The Event Of An Absence  


 If a Student is Absent One or Two Days Due to Illness  

 Teachers are not responsible for sending homework home.  The student is responsible for getting class work and homework from their teacher when they return to school.  Parents and students may find an alternative way of getting work (contacting a classmate after school). 


If a Student is Absent Three or More Days Due to Illness


The parents should contact the classroom teacher on the third day of absence.  The teacher will prepare homework and class work to be sent home.  Parents need to call the office before 9:00AM.  Teachers will have the missed assignments ready by the end of the school day.  Parents will need to pick-up the work at the end of the school day or specify if the work should be sent home with another student.  If teachers are to send the work with another student, we need to know the name of their homeroom teacher.



 If a Student is Absent for Vacation or an Extended Trip  

 Teachers are not required to give homework or class work assignments to students until they return to school.   Students are encouraged to write in their journal/writer’s notebook daily and continue their independent reading.  Teachers will calculate report card grades if there are sufficient grades to determine a pattern of performance.  If sufficient grades are not available due to student absence teacher will assign a “no grade” (NG) for the marking period.  


 Making Up Work After an Absence for Observing Religious Holidays:   

Students have a responsibility and generally are expected to make up work they miss while absent from school. It is best for students and their parents/guardians to plan ahead to arrange extensions or other accommodations for work that students will miss when they are absent to observe a religious holiday. However, MCPS realizes that it is not always realistic or possible to do so. If the absence is excused, the student’s teacher will help a student make up work, offer a retest, or grant an extension on classwork or homework that was due during the student’s observance of a religious holiday. While each situation must be addressed on a case-bycase basis, students typically will be eligible for an extension of up to three school days to make up work after an excused absence for observance of a religious holiday. Please visit the MCPS website for the complete Guidelinesfor Respecting Religious Diversity publication. 


 Parents are encouraged to alert teachers to absences for observation of religious holidays.  Wayside teachers will be sensitive when planning instruction, assessment and homework before, during and after religious holidays.  In the event that the timing of an assignment causes concern parents should not hesitate to alert the teacher so that assignments can be extended or excused as needed.