Food Allergies

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Food allergies are becoming more and more prevalent. While we cannot provide a completely allergen-free environment , we strive to create a safe and respectful atmosphere for all students.  We focus on awareness, inclusiveness, and allergy education to ensure that all of our students remain safe.


We follow the recommendations of the Montgomery County Department of Health that only store-bought, prepackaged food be brought into the classroom for parties, snacks, etc. While everyone loves the idea of home-baked goods, there is no way to control the quality or contents of the food unless it is store-bought with required labeling.


If your child has food allergies severe enough to warrant the use of an epi-pen, we encourage you to send a bag of “safe snacks” to school labeled with his/her name.  These snacks may be given to your child whenever food is served for class parties and during snack time.   Having the safe-snacks available will eliminate any concerns about food made in plants that may process nut products.


Food Alergy Safety at Wayside 

Food From Sources Outside of School

MCPS Regulation JPD-RA