Field Trips

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Occasionally field trips are planned as an extension of the instructional program. Transportation is generally provided by a county school bus. When a trip is scheduled to return past 2:00PM, a private bus company is used.

When a field trip is scheduled, each student who is to participate will bring home a permission form giving the date of the trip, the cost, and the destination. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the teacher before the student is allowed to go on the trip.

No student will be excluded from field trips for financial reasons. Please contact your child’s teacher if necessary.

Many times parents are invited to volunteer to serve as chaperones with the responsibility of monitoring small groups of students during the field trip. Because of this responsibility as well as safety issues, younger siblings may not accompany chaperoning parents on field trips. Parents who volunteer for field trips MUST complete the MCPS on-line training for Child Abuse and Neglect.