Password Updates for Grade 3 and Above Due by November 30

Starting this school year, students in Grades 3 and above are responsible for annually changing their passwords. Students will have until Tuesday, November 30, to update their passwords. For students who do not update by November 30, passwords will be automatically changed by the system, December 1, and students will need to get their new passwords from their school ITSS and/or password support chain. The single password change will update students’ and accounts.

The process only takes a few minutes to complete. Here are the directions:

1.       Student navigates to

2.       Student logs into SPM with their current userid and password.

3.       Student enters their new password.

For technical support, students can contact their school IT systems specialist (ITSS) or the Community Help Desk mailbox at

Students are receiving several notices to do so through their Google .net accounts (similar to the communication that staff receive periodically for staff password change requirements.)