About Us


What is Montgomery Virtual?    

The Montgomery Virtual Academy is a comprehensive educational program that provides students an opportunity to engage in meaningful learning experiences that support social-emotional well-being and academic achievement. Students who attend the Montgomery Virtual Academy are guided through learning experiences that focus on innovation and empower them to take risks throughout the learning process, resulting in personal and academic growth. Elementary students are provided ample opportunities for foundational skill building through an interdisciplinary approach to instruction. Secondary students are able to elevate and refine their knowledge and skills, supported by innovation and purposeful reflection experiences, as they navigate their course content and real-world application opportunities. 

The Virtual Academy Program... 

serves students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. 

is a comprehensive online instructional program -- students will engage virtually, synchronously and asynchronously five days a week. 

provides a high quality, engaging, and innovative instructional program for students who thrive in virtual learning. 

offers access to instructional opportunities that may not be available in a student’s home school

requires active participation in classes through visual “on-camera” interactions and vocal “on-mic” responses. 

provides equitable access based on wide-ranging student interests and needs. 

Virtual Academy Students… 

represent the diversity of MCPS, coming from schools all across Montgomery County.

exhibit many characteristics, including: 

an affinity for technology and online learning. 

commitment and persistence to succeed in an online instructional environment. 

flexible thinking and the ability to use available resources to succeed. 

can participate in activities, sports, and clubs at their “home school.” 

gain access to innovative courses, flexible scheduling, and specialty courses that may not be available in all schools. 

may also be students with extenuating circumstances, including health and other reasons, that can be mitigated through a virtual program. 

make use of modified scheduling to address instructional needs including but not exclusive to, internship or work experiences, flexible schedule to complement career and technical education program or enrollment at Montgomery College, or courses offered in the evenings in addition to a full day schedule.

Location & Office Hours

The MVA offices are open on Monday-Friday from 7:30 am-4:30 pm.

Address: 15 West Gude Drive, 2nd floor, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone number: 240-740-6060

Lower Academy Vision

Innovating the teaching and learning experience through home-school partnerships and by utilizing technology to provide a positive, inclusive learning environment that inspires academic success and empowers students to be leaders and change-makers in their communities and beyond.

Upper Academy Vision, Mission, Core Values

Vision Statement

The Montgomery Virtual Academy is an innovative, personalized virtual learning community that disrupts traditional systems and expectations while developing students’ potential to achieve at high levels and connect in a global society.

Mission Statement

The Montgomery County Virtual Academy will engage students in critical thinking by providing student choice, and cultivating social-emotional well-being in a safe space.

Core Values

Innovation | Wellness | Engagement | Excellence


smaple image Full Time Enrollment

Students are enrolled in their home school and take courses with Montgomery Virtual.

smaple image Dedicated Staffing

Montgomery Virtual is staffed centrally and includes administrators, teachers, counselors, and paraprofessional staff.

smaple image Access to Services

Students have access to services at their home school including meals, extra curricular activities, and athletics.