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Early Childhood

We have 6 Early Childhood programs at Viers Mill ES.

PEP, Pre-K and Head Start Team

Ms. Nancy Singo (Pre-K Teacher)

Ms. Emma Hintz (HS Teacher) 
Mr. Jonathan Glenny (PEP Collaboration Teacher)
Ms. Maya Wolf (PEP Classic/Pilot Teacher) 

Ms. Katie Adam (PEP Classic/INC Teacher)

Ms. Ashley Rydland (PEP Full-Day Teacher)
Ms. Rachel Savadow (PEP-Classic INC)
Ms. Kristen Mullenholz (Pre-K Teacher)



Ms. Lily Ing (Pre-K Para)
Ms. Karen Cabrera (HS Para)
Ms. Theresa Assayag (PEP Collaboration Para)
Ms. Ye Zhang (PEP Classic/Pilot Para)
Ms. Arbia Ben Youssef (PEP INC/Classic Para)
Ms. Debbie McGrogan (PEP Classic/INC Para)
Ms. Alexis Holloway (PEP INC Para)

Ms. Melicia Joseph (Pre-K Para)

Ms. Beatriz Ramirez (PEP Full-Day Para)

Ms. Roberta Ortiz (PEP Full-Day Para)

             Ms. Victoria Dean (PEP Parent Educator)
Ms. Neena Lobo (Speech-Language Pathologist) 
Ms. Trinda Groff (Speech-Language Pathologist)
Ms. Daniella Decker(Speech-Language Pathologist PEP)
Ms. Ana Miller (Physical Therapist)
Ms. Lisa Krosnick (Occupational Therapist)

What We're Learning

PEP Big Day Curriculum Overview

Big Day for Pre-K (English) 

Big Day for Pre-K (Spanish) 



One More Story  (MCPS computers only)






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