Tilden PTSA E-mail Listserve

The PTSA listserve distributes email information from school staff and the PTSA relating to events within the school and greater Tilden community.  All members of the Tilden community are strongly encouraged to subscribe to this valuable communication resource. 

To Join

  1. Please review this PDF Document - Joining Tilden Listserv.    

  2. Register at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tilden and follow the steps.  When you go to that page, you will be prompted to create an ID and Password.  Refer to the the PDF document linked above if you have questions.

If you believe you have already joined but have never received a message from the Listserv, or if you have any problems, contact the Listserv moderator,  Sharon Tzioni

Note: Users have reported difficulties when signing up on a tablet or phone. If you have problems, please use a computer and not a mobile device to register.

To Post

Simply send email to: tilden@yahoogroups.com

To Unsubscribe

Send an email to: