TPMS Magnet Program

May 7 2023 Update

Hello Magnet Families!  

We updated our mailing list last week and discovered that many people were upset that they had missed these updates!  Some expressed upset that they never got any last year.  To be clear, there were no updates last year--this is the first year we had them, and we had no idea that people weren't receiving them--we just thought that few read them.  I'm not always able to create a new update every week, but we do try to keep you posted and connected with all the goings on at TPMS. 

The most important thing to know is that this week we will have MCAP English/Language Arts testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Testing will take up the WHOLE day both days, so students will not have any classes.  Students are placed into testing groups and will stay in those groups for the entire day.  There is a morning and afternoon test session, and each session lasts 70 minutes.  Before, after, and between testing sessions are "wellness breaks", where students remain in their testing groups but will do something relaxing (and hopefully fun) between test sessions.  

This is a new way to do testing here at TPMS.  In the past, testing lasted 8 days and students would have condensed classes after each test session. We hope that this method results in a more focused and better test experience and less disruption for learning. Above is a slide showing information we are sharing with our students.  Check out the table below for information about a planned trip to Egypt and a unique math camp.

Egypt Trip

May 18th 7pm for virtual information meeting

Are you interested in exploring the Wonders of the Pharaohs in Egypt.  Mr. Lynn and Ms. Lever are working with to create an amazing summer trip to visit Egypt in the Summer of 2025 for adults and students.  The trip includes visiting Cairo which includes visits to the Great Pyramids and The Great Sphinx of Giza, traveling to Aswan which is famous its beautiful Nile Valley scenery and significant archaeological sites, and sailing on the Nile River to experience a variety of exotic birds and other amazing wildlife.  There is so much more to this trip that Mr. Lynn and Ms. Lever would love to share with you.  If this trip sounds amazing to you, and you would like to learn more about it, please join us for a virtual meeting on May 18 at 7pm for an interest meeting. We will share all the details which will include accommodations and costs of the trip.

Contact Roy Lynn at for information on the virtual meeting

This is not a TPMS school sponsored trip.


Click Here to download an  INFO SHEET

Upcoming Events:


May 9th and 10th: MCAP ELA Testing

Students will not attend regular classes but instead will test the morning and afternoon along with movement and wellness breaks.

May 17th: MCAP MATH testing

Same schedule as ELA

May 16th and 17th: Orchestra Performs

6 to 7pm in the Cafeteria

May 18th: SGA Dance

3:15 to 4:15

June 8th: 8th Grade Scene's Night

6 to 7pm








"Camp" of Mathematical Queeries

"Camp” of Mathematical Queeries is a five week virtual mathematics enrichment program for LGBTQ+ students entering grades 9-12. The enrichment is designed to tap into the rich funds of knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community and to provide a space in which LGBTQ+ and mathematical identity are affirmed as interconnected entities, central to the teaching and learning of mathematics, in particular. Even the name of the program, “Camp” of Mathematical Queeries, has been designed to tap into the cultural histories of LGBTQ+ individuals, who remain vastly underrepresented in STEM fields.

The word “Camp” is in quotation marks to invoke the aesthetic style of camp, which is closely associated with LGBTQ+ culture, especially the practice of drag. Queeries, a queer play on the term query, when used as a verb means to question, often as a form of doubt. In the context of “Camp” the word “Queeries” is meant to honor the traditions of LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those who are Black, Brown, and/or disabled, that have sought to live their lives authentically by exploring routes and questions outside of the dominant, normative culture. Throughout the five weeks students will engage in activities of mathematical problem posing and problem solving through group-worthy mathematical tasks centered on LGBTQ+ culture and history.