2022 Magnet Presentation

Information session regarding the 2022-23 Magnet program

Takoma Park MS - Magnet Program in Math, Science, and Computer Science

The Math, Science, and Computer Science magnet program offers an accelerated and enriched curriculum in our three core subjects. Students who thrive in our program are those who love mathematics, problem solving, technology, and exploring how the world works. 

Magnet Students will be enrolled in the following core courses and attend TPMS for the entire school day.


Magnet Courses:

  • Magnet Investigations into Mathematics

(A small number of students have already taken IM in grade 5. They will be scheduled for Magnet Algebra 1.)

  • Magnet Science 6
  • Magnet Computer Science 6


Other Courses:

  • Advanced English 6
  • Historical Inquiries into Global Humanities 6
  • Physical Education 6/Health 6