The goal of the Montgomery County Public Schools pre-K-12 mathematics program is for all students to achieve mathematical proficiency by developing both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. The end result is the ability to think and reason mathematically and use mathematics to solve problems in authentic contexts."

-Montgomery County Public Schools Mathematic Curriculum Framework - Goal

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Lisa Klein 


Content Specialist

Jaqueline Johnson 

Math 6 

Min McMahon 

Math 6   


Amy Chung 

IM and Math 8 

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                Hendri Williams 



Kristen Roberts 

   Algebra and Math 8  

Shannon Flowers 

Math 6 


Philip Sheridan 

Math 6, Math 7, and 



     davies 2016        

        Tom Phillips 

      IM and Math 7  

       Kym Sturdivant 


 Valentine Davies