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After School Clubs

Silver Spring International offers a variety of after school clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:10pm to 4:20pm. Our clubs are funded by two different organizations.  SSIMS clubs are funded through Montgomery County Public Schools.  RecXtra clubs are funded through the Montgomery County Recreation Department.


6th Grade Homework Club (with Ms. Dieter)
8th Grade Homework Club (with  Mr. Anderson)
Algebra Support (with  Ms. Ramos)
Art Club (with  Ms. V Johnson)
Glee Club (with  Mr. Nassar)
Green Team (with  Ms. Buchanan)
Jag Mag (with  Mr. Smith)
Jazz Band (7:15 am) (with  Mr. Dawson)
Math Support and Homework Help (with  Mr. Davies)
RecXtra Physical Activity Club (with  Ms. Wahid starting October 9th)
RecXtra Sewing Club (with  Ms. Moore)
RecXtra Tennis (with Ms. Butler)


Drama Club (with  Mr. Smith)
SSIMS Math Team (with  Mr. Yokoyama)
Student Government Association (with Ms. Green)
World Languages Club (with  Ms. Gizaw)
RecXtra Arabic Club (with  Ms. Wahid)
RecXtra Cooking Club (with Ms. Moore)
RecXtra Maker Space (with  Ms Bedell and Ms. Dubois )
RecXtra Recess Club (with  Ms. Ramos)


6th Grade Math Support (with Ms. Ramos)
7th Grade Homework Club (with Mr. Diehl)
Instrumental Music Help (with Mr. Dawson)
PBIS Club (with Ms. Labbate and Ms. Murphy)
Rainbow Alliance (with Ms. Van Tassell)
RecXtra Chess and Games Club (with Ms Bedell and Dr. Asher starting October 4th)
RecXtra Historical Crafts (with Ms. Winch)
RecXtra Recess Club (with Ms. Priser)

More information on SSIMS After School Clubs can be found in the 2018-2019 After School Activities Brochure.