Springbrook High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Admissions Policy

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At Springbrook High School, there is a belief that students who wish to challenge themselves both academically and personally should be afforded the opportunity.  The role of the school is not to present hurdles over which students must jump, but challenges with which the school, parents and community can support.  Springbrook High Schools believes that students should be involved in challenge that is appropriate for their academic level and personal maturity.


Students choosing to participate fully or partially in the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) are not required to take an entrance exam.  There is no minimum standardized test score, grade point average, or subject grade that must be achieved.

In order for a student to participate fully in the IB DP, he or she must first elect to take the challenge.  While it is understood that parents or guardians might want their child to participate in the IB DP, experience has shown that the student has to also be motivated to participate fully in order to benefit from the program.

When a tenth grade student expresses interest in the full program, a personal meeting with the IB DP coordinator is scheduled.  At this meeting, the student’s academic and career goals are discussed.  A review of the student’s transcript, standardized scores (PSAT, MAP-R), and teacher recommendations is undertaken.   If any concerns regarding the appropriateness of participating in the full program are expressed by the student, parents, or coordinator, the issues are discussed and possible interventions and strategies developed, or alternate plans explored.

Students who do not wish to participate in the full IB DP can take one or more subjects (including Theory of Knowledge [ToK], Creativity, Activity, Service [CAS], and Extended Essay) in their junior and senior years.  It is highly recommended that students speak with their current subject area teacher to determine whether an IB DP subject is an appropriate choice.

Any decisions regarding the participation in the IB DP must be approved by each student’s parent or guardian as signified by his or her signing of the student’s course request form completed in the spring of the preceding year of enrollment.