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Social Studies  


Math Games  

  • Weekly Brain Teasers- Choose your grade level for weekly challenges; solutions are posted the following week, with archives of past puzzles. Students can submit answers directly.
  • Harcourt Brace E-labs 
    The interactive activities on these pages go directly with our math textbook.  See your teacher for specific directions for the activity you are working on.
  • Multimedia Math Glossary from Harcourt Brace 
    Wondering what that word on your homework means? Unsure of a concept? This multimedia dictionary will help you understand the vocabulary you need to be successful in math.
  • AAA Math 
    Hundreds of pages that review basic math facts and concepts. Each page includes a short "lesson", interactive problems, and challenge games. Choose topics by grade level or from a list of specific math topics. This is a great site for review as well as practice.
  • A plus Math 
    Click on the "Game Room" to play interactive games like concentration while practicing basic math facts. Or,use the interactive flashcards instead.
  • KS2 Bitesize from the BBC
    Loads of math games and quizzes from the BBC Maths site.
  • Elementary Math Problem of the Week- Printable problems for elementary math classes; you can submit your class answers online or wait for the solutions.
  • Math Magic Challenges- Archives of Math Magic Challenges by grade level.
  • Interactive Math Website- Impressive content and features are well organized and useful for both teachers and students.
  • FunBrain Games-Test your skills at different levels. A great mind exercise.
  • Mathematics Lessons that are Fun! Fun! Fun!- Advanced activities for Grades 3 -5.


Reading is Fun!  


Solar Energy  

Solar Energy: Children investigate sunlight as a heat source. During the unit the children build model houses, monitor temperature, and explore techniques for improving the efficiency of solar collectors. Solar Energy was developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science as part of their Full Option Science System (FOSS) with support of a National Science Foundation grant. The unit is published by Encyclopaedia Britannica and has been enhanced by the Department of Academic Programs.

  • The Solar Cooking ArchiveFANTASTIC site! Be sure to vist "Construction Plans" and "Narrated Slide Show". This site is always adding new and up to date information; visit it often.

Magnets and Motors  

Magnets and Motors: Children investigate the phenomena of magnetism, electricity, and electromagnetism. They use magnets and compasses to build a working device and explore the characteristics of switches, circuits, and electromagnets. They explore how electric motors are built and learn how electricty is produced. Magnets and Motors was developed by the National Science Resources Center with support from the National Academy of Sciences and the Smithsonian Institution.



Body Systems - The Bones Inside Us

Wave Simulations

Social Studies

Unit I: Opening a New World  

Exploration Sites that explore the voyages to the Americas.

Unit II: Thirteen Colonies Become a Nation  

Colonial America Web Sites (via Ms. Carper):

Additional Web Sites:

Unit III: Westward Movement  

Inventors and Explorers  

Multicultural Activities