Student Safety Letter

Carta de seguridad 

Dear Stallion Community,

At this time of year, our staff at Sligo Middle School wants to re-emphasize our enduring commitment to ensuring that all students are able to learn and grow in school communities where they are safe and supported.  We continue to address health-related concerns and needs, including mental health and wellness, suicide awareness, substance use, and bullying prevention.  We strive to support our students by providing factual information that they may use to confront serious issues and make positive, responsible decisions.

The best way to support and protect the emotional development of our youth is to encourage open, honest conversations during which students may speak about and share their feelings. When students receive the message that it is acceptable and desirable to talk about feelings, mental health, and their worries, students are more likely to reach out to an adult for help when they are in distress.

Attached to this email you will find resources for the Montgomery County BtheOne campaign, as well as other local and national agencies to assist parents and guardians in having conversations with their students.

As always, should you need any supports from Sligo MS, please don’t hesitate to call us at 301-287-8890.


Cary Dimmick, Principal