Sligo’s Counseling Team  

Counseling Registrar, Mrs. Burgos  

 8th Grade Counselor, Mrs. Bacon   

 7th Grade Counselor, Mr. Guthrie

6th Grade Counselor, Mr. Amaro

School Psychologist, Ms. Clare Bailey

ESOL Transitions Counselor, Mrs. Pimienta

Parent Community Coordinator, Mr. Buitrago

Pupil Personnel Worker, Mr. Vasquez


Sligo’s Counseling Program is committed to empowering every student to realize his or her potential by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program. We inspire learning by fostering academic, career, and social-emotional development, while encouraging students to become independent thinkers and creative problem solvers. Sligo’s counselors also provide responsive services that include student/staff/parent consultation, community referrals as well as classroom guidance.   

We place a high level of importance on maintaining confidentiality and work as a team with students, parents, and teachers to resolve any issues/conflicts.  However, situations may exist where information shared with a school counselor requires mandatory reporting by state law.  The mandated information include: any reference or indication of harm to self of others, and child abuse or neglect. 

Counseling Services

  • College, Career and Community Readiness via NavianceA comprehensive online program designed to help students explore and prepare for college and career goals. Through this online tool students will discover career interests, develop goals, and establish themselves as individuals ready for their future.
  • Conduct classroom lessons – Anti-bullying, High School Choice, Personal Body Safety Lessons, Naviance, and Academic Planning
  • Consultation with teachers and staff 
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Mediation between students, student/parent, student/staff 
  • Monitor and support student attendance - Truancy Prevention Program – 

Problem Solving, Prevention, and Crisis Intervention 

Middle School Course Bulletin -

Student advocate 

  • Student Services Management Team Facilitator and Member 

counseling pics Contacting Counselors:  

How can STUDENTS meet with their counselor? 

Students can see their counselor via a self-referral, parental request, and/or teacher or administrative referral. If the counselor is unavailable, the student can fill out an appointment request form and leave it with the counseling registrar, Mrs. Burgos.     


How can PARENTS meet with counselors?

Please call the counseling department at 301- 287.8980 between the hours of 7:50 am and 3:00 pm to arrange an appointment, or email the counselor directly ( ).                    

You may also email individual teachers through myMCPSPortal.


Whether you're coming from another MCPS school, another Maryland county, another state, or another country, we are excited to meet you and your child and want to support your child’s transition as much as possible! The registrar and counselors will familiarize you with "how things work," including activities and procedures at our school.  We will be pleased to answer your questions, help your child to be prepared, and create a schedule to meet your child's educational requirements.   

Please contact Mrs. Burgos, School Counseling Secretary/Registrar at 301.287.8970 to make an appointment to enroll.   Documents needed for enrollment include:

Parent or guardian must complete the following documents:

New Student Information Form (560-24)

Authorization to Request/release Student Records (560-2)

Emergency Information (565-1

Note: If the person enrolling the student is not his/her parent, the family is referred to the Residency and Tuition Office (301.315.7354)

  • Proof of Residency-- Property tax bill or current lease with a current utility bill (electric, gas or water in parent’s or legal guardian’s name, must accompany older documents)
  • Birth Certificate - non- U.S. Citizens who have not attended a public school on the United States within the last two years, must call the International Student Admission Office (301.230.0686) to enroll
  • Health Immunization Records
  • Name and contact information of previous school
  • Report Card (most recent)
  • Withdrawal packet from previous school 
  • Copy of Student’s Individualized Educational Program, if your child receives Special Education Services
  • Copy of Student’s 504, if your child receives accommodations stipulated by a 504
  • Clearance Form (560-21) if your child is transferring from another MCPS School during school year, or a School Transfer form if student is enrolling from a non-MCPS school

Note: If the person enrolling the student is not his/her parent, the family is referred to the Residency and Tuition Office (301.315.7354)

Change of Address: In order to change your student's address, MCPS requires documentation, such as a current lease, settlement papers, or a completed Shared Housing form with attachments. Deeds of Trust and changed driver's licenses are not considered adequate documentation. Please call our school counseling office registrar for more information.

Parent Links

pbls parent letter 

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a question about a grade on your child’s report card? Initially, all academic concerns should be directed to your child’s teacher.  You are welcome to contact your child’s counselor, but you may possibly be redirected to the individual teacher for additional clarity.
  • Do you know how do you keep your child safe online? Cybersafety Tips:  
  1. Don’t assume anything you send or post is going to remain private.
  2. There is no changing your mind in cyberspace-anything you send or post may never truly go away.
  3. Don’t give in to the pressure to do something that makes you uncomfortable, even in cyberspace.
  4. Consider the recipient’s reaction. Nothing is truly anonymous.
  • Do you know how to reassure your 6th grader? Many 6th graders experience stress as they make the transition to middle school. Do not feed into your child’s stress, but instead give your child time to adjust: usually within a month things settle down. If your child is still experiencing stress, please let her/his counselor know.
  • Remember, incoming 6th graders have summer orientation, mock 1/2 day, and school visits from both the administrator and the counselors to help make the transition to middle school easier. Parents have their own orientation meeting too.
  • Do you have a question about your child receiving high school credit for courses taken in middle school? A high school course that is accelerated for learners who are capable of acquiring and retaining concepts quickly. Learners complete level 1 in one school year. Learners must complete the A/B course sequentially in middle school and pass the course with a grade of D or higher to earn 1 high school credit.  Learners will take Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA). Learners should be:
  1. highly motivated and intellectually curious about the language and culture
  2. proficient in the English language
  3. reading and writing above grade level
  4. capable of reading challenging texts independently
  5. able to work well independently and in group settings

Currently, Sligo offers Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Geometry, French I/II/III, Spanish I/II/III and IV.