Welcome to Sargent Shriver Elementary School!


Sargent Shriver’s Mission and Vision

Our Vision: The Sargent Shriver community models positive, respectful, and collaborative relationships that honor our strengths, individuality, and diversity. We strive to develop an inclusive community of reflective, life-long learners by engaging and empowering the whole child.

Our Mission: The Sargent Shriver community will achieve our vision by involving families in all aspects of student development, collaborating to plan instruction with grade-level teams, delivering inspiring and engaging lessons that promote student-driven discovery and providing opportunities for student and adult learners to receive and give feedback.

Our CORE Values

Be Respectful / Be Responsible / Be Ready to Learn


Our Terrapin Promise

All students at Sargent Shriver Elementary School promise to be respectful of ourselves and others, responsible throughout our school, and ready to learn every day, building our knowledge to take us to college or an awesome career.


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