Video Production Program

Video Production Program

Learn the real world skills necessary to produce a daily TV program. Learning in each video production class is focused on producing different elements of the morning announcements show, Warrior Wakeup Live.

Each course allows students to learn production skills by doing them, refining them, then broadcasting what they've created. Students who have an interest in pursuing a career in production should take all three courses. Students in the Video Production program have interned at places like Homework Hotline Live, MCPS TV, and more.


John Williams

Samantha Ager

Course Sequence

  • 5173/5174 Video Production A/B (Course 1)

    This course introduces students to the fundamentals of television. Students learn production fundamentals through studio hands-on experience by producing the daily announcements show, Warrior Wakeup Live.

    Grade Level: 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

  • 5175/5176 Electronic Video Field Production A/B (Course 2)

    This course reinforces the fundamentals of television and introduces new skills, concepts and elements of video production. Students extend their learning from the studio and editing environment to develop video segments for a variety of audiences that air on the morning television show, Warrior Wakeup Live.

    Prerequisite: Video Production A/B

  • 5177/5178 Media Management and Production A/B

    Students enrolled in the Media Management and Production course will serve as station managers for WSHS TV, channel 36. Students manage the full production of the Warrior Wakeup Live morning television show using available resources and their background from the first two courses.

  • Video Production Internship


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