Student Service Learning

2021-2022 End-of-Year MCPS SSL Information

Students should continue earning SSL hours towards their SSL graduation requirement by engaging in SSL opportunities during the 2021-2022 school year and over the summer, including traditional in-person opportunities and select virtual/remote opportunities that follow the guidelines posted on the MCPS SSL webpage ( 

 Please review the following important end-of-year information for the MCPS SSL program:

Systemwide SSL Documentation Deadline

  • All SSL forms documenting service completed this school year must be submitted to schools’ SSL coordinators by the systemwide required deadline of June 3, 2022.

  • Any unsubmitted SSL forms for service completed since June 1, 2019, will be accepted until June 3, 2022.

  • Please note that after the 2021-2022 school year, SSL forms will no longer be accepted from previous school years.

The required systemwide deadline for submission of all SSL documentation is June 3, 2022. 

All SSL forms (MCPS Form 560-51: Student Service Learning Activity Verification form - must be turned in to the school’s SSL coordinator ( or by the systemwide required deadline of June 3, 2022, to be added to students’ SSL records. 

SSL forms for service completed during the 2021-2022 school year and previous school years will NOT be accepted after June 3, 2022.

Summer is a wonderful time for students to engage in SSL opportunities and earn SSL hours towards meeting the 75-hour state graduation requirement! Additional updates and information about the MCPS SSL program are provided below:


Nonprofit-Hosted SSL Opportunities

MCPS SSL organizations and opportunities are tagged with the blue MCPS SSL banner and graduation cap icon on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website

Many nonprofit-hosted in-person and virtual/remote SSL opportunities have already been posted for the summer!

All opportunities (including in-person):

Virtual/remote opportunities:

For additional tips on how to search for opportunities, please go to 

MCPS SSL Guidelines for Virtual/Remote Service

Students may continue to earn SSL hours for select virtual/remote service completed from home under the sponsorship of an approved nonprofit organization or MCPS staff member.

To continue offering an array of SSL opportunities to students, MCPS will continue to allow nonprofit organizations and schools to host virtual/remote SSL opportunities for students beyond the 2021-2022 school year and moving forward.  

To view the MCPS SSL guidelines for virtual/remote service, please visit

Students may also continue to earn SSL hours for traditional in-person opportunities under direct supervision of a nonprofit representative or MCPS staff member in a public space.

MCPS Form 560-51:
SSL Activity Verification Form

Used to verify and document SSL hours after service is completed

Student and supervisor must complete the form

SSL Activity Verification Forms ( for service completed after June 1, 2022, should be turned into your school’s SSL coordinator when schools resume in the fall.


Please note that after the 2021-2022 school year, SSL forms will no longer be accepted for service completed prior to June 1, 2022.

MCPS Form 560-50:
Individual SSL Request Form

Used to obtain pre-approval prior to service with a nonprofit organization not listed on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center (MCVC) website

To request pre-approval for service, please complete -- for in-person service, submit this form to your school’s SSL coordinator; for virtual/remote service or service to be completed during the summer, submit this form to 

Student SSL Records on Student/ParentVUE

Step-by-step directions for viewing a student’s full SSL record

Step-by-step directions may be found at

MCPS SSL Program Overview

Complete overview of SSL requirements, guidelines, process, awards, and forms

MCPS SSL Program Overview may be found at  

MCPS SSL Hub for Students 

Find SSL forms, translated resources, SSL guidelines, and much more!

Check out SSL forms, resources, and guidelines at 


If you have any questions about the SSL program, please email your school’s SSL coordinator ( and or the MCPS SSL office at Thank you!


Time Frame of Service  

Documentation Due Date  

Service completed during the summer

September 24, 2021

Service completed during the summer and 1st semester

January 7, 2022

***SENIORS****Service completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester

April 1, 2022

Grades 9, 10, and 11 services completed during the summer, 1st semester, and 2nd semester.

June 3, 2022

Documentation that qualifies seniors for Certificates of Meritorious Service (240 hours)

April 1, 2022

Mr. William Sartori

SSL Coordinator, School Counselor

Student Service Learning (SSL) activites are intended to address a recognized need in the community and provide a learning experience for students.  SSL is required by the Maryland State Department of Education for graduation.  Hours are earned through upaid service with non-profit organizations, government agencies, school clubs, and through specific school courses.  There are only a few opportunities working directly with the school.

SSL hours can be earned beginning in the summer after grade 5.  Students should aim to finish earning all their hours by the end of the first semester of their senior year to avoid potential problems at graduation.  Students should also consider trying to earn most of their hours before the fall of their junior year when coursework becomes heavy.


Virtual/remote opportunities:

5-4-22 List of Upcoming Opportunities

3-4-22 List of Upcoming Opportunities

2-4-22 List of Upcoming SSL Opportunities


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Sandy Spring Museum Receives Over $92,000 From The National Endowment For  The Humanities -

March 27th from  9-1 join up for a SHS spring clean up. Be a part of the team to keep our environment clean for the spring season. We will meet by the back gym.  SSL forms will be available to complete, and hand in, on site.


Campus Cleanup - ProfLinkJoinUP logo animation



Organization Logo

Spring Black Hill SGAP 2022 Cleanup.pdf


Choose Respect PSA Contest Twitter Flyer.png

Choose Respect New Logo.jpg


MLK Week of Service 2022 - January 17 to 24

Click here to earn vurtual hours with the sandy spring muesum 

Click here for MLK week virtual SSL opportunities



  • MCPS Mental Health Awareness Week - November 8-13, 2021 - Middle school and high school students will have opportunities to earn up to 11 SSL hours total during this year’s MCPS Mental Health Awareness Week! Live virtual events will take place on Tuesday, 10/9, Thursday, 10/11, and Saturday, 10/13 -- each of these three events will serve as 2-hour SSL opportunities for students! In addition, students may also earn up to 5 SSL hours for viewing videos tagged as SSL and participating in follow-up advocacy action throughout the week! To view the full schedule and learn more about the SSL opportunities offered, please visit
  • Show Us Your Hope - Deadline: November 19, 2021 - MCPS is seeking students interested in creating a video, presentation, artwork, poetry, song, music, and other representations of hope from their culture, heritage, family background, and/or identity to include in our upcoming “Celebrating Our Voices of Hope” virtual event. Successful completion and submission of the Show Us Your Hope plan by November 19, 2021, will earn students 10 SSL hours. Interested students may view additional information at