After School Activities, Clubs, Intramurals, and Athletics





 Shady Grove Middle School 

After School Activities 

2019 - 2020 

After School Activities, Clubs, Intramurals, and Athletics 

After School Activities Coordinator: Erica Harris      Athletics Coordinator: Jacqui South     

Administrator: Jennifer Cooper


After school activities meet from 3:15 to 4:20 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Buses depart from SGMS at approximately 4:30 and follow the routes in this packet. Students should get on the bus, get picked up, or ride home by 4:30pm each day. Staff supervision can NOT be guaranteed past 5pm.


Students must sign up for activities in the cafeteria the day before the activity meets.  Snacks are free to all students and must be requested by signing up the day before the activity.


On the day of the activity, all students should report to the cafeteria after school.*  This includes students meeting with teachers.  Once in the cafeteria, students will sit by activity, snack will be distributed (if previously requested), and attendance will be collected. 


*Sports teams are the exception.  After tryouts are concluded and teams are selected, they should then report directly to the locker room to change.


Below is a list of activities that will be offered throughout the year.  Additional activities may be added.  Specific start dates as well as changes to meetings will be announced on the morning announcements.


Activities start in the following seasons.


Basketball (Intramural)

Chamber Music*

Cheerleading (Intramural)

Gaming Club

Gender Sexuality Alliance*

Homework Club*

Jazz Band*

Just Girls*

Newspaper Club*


SERT Team*

So What Else: Art and Activism

Student Library Advisory Board*



Archery (Intramural)

Extended Day Program

Invent the Future

SGMS Stem Scholars

Volleyball (Intramural)


Art Club

Basketball (Intramural)


Extended Day Program

Football (Intramural)

Invent the Future

Kickball (Intramural)

So What Else: Program TBA


*Activity runs throughout the year.

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