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Black Eyed Susan Program


Want to get ahead of the game for the 2020-2021 school year?  Here's a link to next year's BES books (with book trailers too!)


What is the BES Program

The BES program is a state wide reading program that allows the students to choose the best book of the year.  There are 10 books in several different categories from which students can choose.  The books offered at SGMS include:
  • Grade 4-6 (quick reads) 
  • Grade 4-6 Graphic Novels
  • Grade 6-9
  • Grade 6-9 Graphic Novels
  • Highs School

In April students have the opportunity along with all the other students in the state of Maryland to vote for which book they think was the best.  Last year over 73,000 students participated 

What do you earn if you participate?

Besides having a lot of fun reading the books, you get to attend the end of the year BES party and vote with the rest of the students in the state for the best book of the year.

How do I participate? 

 Choose a category  
  1. Read 3 books within that category
  2. Describe your favorite scene from the book on the book report form 
  3. That's it!

List of books 


Here are the books in each category.  Click here to fill out the book report.



Quick Reads - Grades 4-6


  Wild Robot The Wishtree
   by Katherine Applegate
    Full Cicada Moon Chester and Gus
   by Cammie McGovern
   Moo  The Safest Lie
    by Angela Cerrito
    Chickens  An Eagle in the Snow
     by Michael Morpurgo
   Isabel Feeney Amina's Voice
    by Hena Kahn
     Pax The Someday Birds
     by Sally Pla
  Space Case Me and Marvin Gardens
    by Amy King
    Towers Falling  Stef Soto, Taco Queen
     by Jennifer Torres
   Garveys Choice Long Pitch Home
by Natalie Dias Lorenzi
    Save Me a Seat Clayton Bird Goes Underground
    by Rita Williams-Garcia


 Graphic Novels - Grades 4-6


   Rutabaga Nightlights
    by Lorena Alvarez
    Space Battle The Tea Dragon Society
   by Katie O'Neill
   Help Us Time Shifters
   by Chris Grine
    Caveboy Dave The Witch Boy
   by Molly Ostertag
   Mighty Jack Bats: Learning to Fly
   by Falynn Koch
    Ghosts The Big Bad Fox
   by Benjamin Renner
   Reds Planet Star Scouts
   by Mike Lawrence
    Margo Maloo Bolivar
   by Sean Rubin
   Dinosaurs  The Time Museum
   by Matthew Loux
   Hilo Arthur and the Golden Rope
   by Joe Todd-Stanton


Grades 6-9


   Sophie Quire Posted
    by John David Anderson
   Ghost Reynolds Slider
   by Pete Hautman
   Soar Greetings from Witness Protection!
    by Jake Burt
   Beneath Restart
   by Gordon Korman
 Friendship Followed The Only Road
   by Alexandra Diaz
   Falling Over Sidways Up From the Sea
   by Liza Lowitz
  Terror at Bottle Creek Projekt 1065
   by Alan Gratz
   23 Minutes The Evil Wizard Smallbone
   by Delia Sherman
  Night Divided Refugee
   by Alan Gratz
   Wolf Hollow Beyond the Bright Sea
   by Lauren Wolk



 Graphic Novels - Grades 6-9


   Deliliah Dirk Pashmina
   by Nidhi Chanani
   Nameless City I Am Alfonso Jones
   by Tony Medina
   Gotham Academy Tales of the Talented Tenth
   by Joel Christian Gill
   Compass South A Silent Voice
   by Yoshitoki Oima
   Feathers As the Crow Flies
   by Melanie Gillman
   Snow White Mystery of the Ghost Ship
   by Philip Pullman
   Geis All's Faire in Middle School
   by Victoria Jamieson
   Tomboy 5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior
   by Mark Siegal
   Dumbest Idea Power Up
   by Kate Leth
   Orange 1 Newsprints
   by Ru Xu



 High School


   Gutless The Rains
   by Gregg Hurwitz
   March 3 One of Us is Lying
   by Karen McManus
   Wolf by Wolf Dreamland Burning
   by Jennifer Latham
   Steep and Thorny As You Wish
   by Chelsea Sedoti
   My Lady Jane The Radium Girls
   by Kate Moore
   Sun is Star Piecing Me Together
   by Renee Watson