Counseling Services

Counseling Services Staff 

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

Jorinna Zuber



9:00-1:00 – Daily


Alexandra Ortiz

Department Chair


7:45 – 3:15 Daily

Modesta Akinsanya


7:45 – 3:15 Daily 



Vanessa Ramos

Counseling Registrar


Full Time – 7:45-4:20 – Daily


The primary goal of the Shady Grove Counseling Program is to promote and enhance student learning and academic success through three interrelated areas of student development: Academic Development, Career Development, and Social/Emotional Development.


Shady Grove Counseling Mission Statement: Our mission as a counseling department is to provide a comprehensive program that supports the development of students’ academic, social emotional, and college/career skills. Counselors use a collaborative model that includes students, families, teachers, administrators, and the overall community.



Shady Grove Counseling Vision Statement: Our goal is to guide students in their development to become responsible, respectful, and ready to learn. We are committed to supporting students on their journey to become lifelong learners, advocates and productive community members.


Academic Development:

Use a variety of strategies and resources to help students successfully transition from elementary to middle school, grade to grade, and middle school to high school.

Help students explore and identify special programs, academic options, and extra-curricular opportunities available as well as requirements for participation in these programs.

Guide students in developing strong organizational, time management, study & test testing skills.

Assist students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities.

Help students understand the benefits of consistent school attendance.


Career Development and Decision Making:

Review graduation requirements and help students develop a 4-year plan for high school.

Allow students opportunities explore, understand, and evaluate career information

Assess student career interests and aptitudes in order to make effective school and career choices.

Help students identify the personal qualities and behaviors needed to secure and maintain employment.

Assist students in identifying steps in decision-making and how to apply those decision-making skills to education, careers, and life choices.


Personal and Social Development:

Help to create a safe school environment where students can learn.

Help students express and understand their feelings and the feelings of others.

Help students with problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

Help students communicate their needs in an appropriate way and reinforce the important social skills necessary to maintain positive relationships with peers and adults.

Support students in developing appropriate coping skills in order to adapt to change, make positive transitions, and handle stressful situations.




Program Delivery:

Counselors provide services to students, parents, school staff and the community in a variety of ways:


Responsive services are preventative or intervention activities that meet student’s immediate needs and concerns. These services can be provided through individual counseling or small group counseling, consultation with teachers, collaborating with parents, crisis response, or making referrals to other school support services or community resources.


Counselors also make time to meet with students individually for career and educational planning.  We assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans for high school, college/career and beyond.


Counselors support the overall school program by implementing activities and structured lessons that provide all students with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate academic growth, make appropriate educational and career decisions, and have positive interactions with peers and adults. Such activities include, but are not limited, to new student orientation, personal safety lessons, middle/high school student registration, and career exploration lessons.




Family Connection—a comprehensive website that you and your student can use to make plans about colleges and careers.  Family Connection is linked with Naviance™, a service that we use in our office to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that’s specific to our school.  


Family Connection allows your student to: 


  • Get involved in the planning and advising process—Build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers  
  • Research colleges—Compare grade point average, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past  
  • Research careers—Research hundreds of careers and career clusters, and take career assessments  
  • Create plans for the future—Create goals and to-dos, and complete tasks assigned by the school to better prepare your student for future college and career goals  



Family Connection also lets us share information with you and your student about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information.  


To visit our school’s Family Connection site, use an Internet browser to connect to: 



If you are unsure of your parent registration code please email your child’s counselor and we can provide you with further instructions for setting up your account.