About Our School

Shady Grove Middle School, one of the two middle schools in the Magruder High School Cluster, serves students from Candlewood, Flower Hill, and Mill Creek Towne Elementary Schools. Founded in 1999, Shady Grove opened its doors to 535 sixth and seventh graders and currently serves approximatley 650 students

Shady Grove was named for the road that bisects the Candlewood, Flower Hill, and Mill Creek Towne communities. Shady Grove Road goes through the center of the Mill Creek subdivision with the Candlewood community to the east and Flower Hill community to the west.


The Timberwolf


"Give your best everyday and your best will come back to you!"


We, the staff and parents of Shady Grove Middle School will continue to:

Support the success of every student by insisting on high standards of academic achievement;

Generate a strong sense of student pride, character, and self discipline;

Maintain a safe learning environment which promotes positive social interactions and good citizenship;

Sustain the involvement of staff, parents, and community throughout the middle school years.

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