Comprehensive Health Education

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This course is a graduation requirement. The information students acquire will better enable them to make positive changes in their behavior to improve and preserve their quality of life, thereby affecting everything else they may do. Students who need assistance in any way should not hesitate to contact the instructor.


Mission: The Health and Physical Education Department at Seneca Valley High School believes and strives to develop citizens who can successfully regulate their physical, mental/emotional and social well-being.

Vision: We do this by creating a safe and collaborative environment where students take risks, fail and persist, and adapt in order to achieve personal goals that lead to physically and health literate citizens.

Instructional Units

1. Mental & Emotional Health
2. Personal & Consumer Health
3. Safety & Injury Prevention
4. Nutrition & Fitness
5. Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs
6. * Family Life & Human Sexuality
7. * Disease Prevention & Control

* Parent/Guardian permission required

Required Materials

1. Three-subject notebook & folder
2. Writing utensil
3. Agenda book

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Grading Policy

Your quarter grade is based on various assignments/assessments. Each assignment will fall under one of the following categories:

  • All Tasks = 90%
    (class worksheets, journals, article critiques, some projects, quizzes, & tests)
  • Practice/Prep = 10%
    (bellringer warm-ups, various h.w. assignments)

Quarter Grade Scale

A 90% - 100%
B 80% - 89%
C 70% - 79%
D 60% - 69%
E 59% - 0%

PARTICIPATION in class discussions is a vital part of this course; however, it will not affect your grade. Since this course involves many discussions on virtually all topics it is imperative that each student participate.

WORK turned in after the due date will be deducted 10% of the total grade but must be turned in by the deadline date, otherwise the assignment will not be accepted (follows county-wide grading policy). Any student who wishes to reassess must meet with the teacher to discuss. 

There will be a FINAL EXAM at the end of the semester. The final exam will cover content from each unit of the course and will count for approximately 15% of the 2nd quarter grade only.  

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Attendance / Make-up Work

ABSENCES can adversely affect your grade. When excused absences must occur, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to acquire the missed assignments and complete them in a timely manner.

Please check the ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK (in the black crate) for any missed assignments. After you determine what assignments have been missed, pick up all needed handout(s). All assignments are located in numbered folders. Please check the ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK and NUMBERED FOLDERS before seeing me about missed work.

You are expected to make-up all missed JOURNALS. If you need further explanation of an assignment (or the assignment book tells you to “see me”) then bring a copy of the assignment with you when you approach me and I will happily assist you.

If you are absent on a Monday make sure you pick-up a BELLRINGER worksheet for the week. If absent on a Friday you must turn-in your BELLRINGER worksheet the next day you are present. Daily Bellringers (warm-ups) do NOT need to be made-up.

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Classroom Expectations

  1. BE SEATED when the bell rings working on your warm-up (Bellringer worksheet).
  2. RAISE YOUR HAND and WAIT to be called on before speaking.
  3. RESPECT at all times yourself and others (including the teacher and your fellow students).
  4. COMPLETE all assigned work…on time.
  5. WATER is the only acceptable beverage; no food may be eaten in class.
  6. Do NOT attempt other class work or the use of equipment (i.e. graphing calculators) during class, unless you have asked permission.
  7. NO cell phones or other electronic devices (c.d., mp3 players, etc.) should be on or visible in class.
  8. NO writing on desks or other school property.  
  9. PASSES will only be signed with an agenda book and excessive requests for passes may not be granted.
  10. Be ACTIVELY ENGAGED in the lesson.

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Consequences for Not Following Expectations

  1. Verbal warning to student
  2. Student may be bounced from class

Note: If a student becomes aggressive and/or disrespectful or breaks a school "non-negotiable" then the student will be immediately referred to administration.

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Mr. Rubinstein (301) 353-8034 (art department phone)
Please ask for Mr. Rubinstein. 

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