• Academic - Tuesday and Thursday
  • Military - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    • Monday - Leadership Labs and Drill
    • Wednesday - Drill and Inspection
    • Friday - Physical Fitness Day 
  • Uniforms Required Once a Week
  • Cadet Leadership Organization


  • Leadership & Citizenship
  • Naval Ships and Missions
  • Naval History
  • International Law & the Sea
  • Survival Training and Orienteering
  • Meteorology and Weather
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Naval Orientation and Career Planning
  • Navigation and Rules of the Road
  • Military Justice
  • Sea Power and National Security
  • Oceanography
  • Astronomy
  • Operations, Communications & Intelligence

Other Curricular Activities

  • Company Formation
  • Weekly Military Inspections
  • Annual Military Inspection (AMI)
  • Plans of Week (POW)

A copy of the Cadet Field Manual is issued to each cadet. It is a vital source of information that includes the uniform standards.


  • Drill Team
  • Rifle Team
  • Academic Team
  • Athletic Team
  • Orienteering
  • Military Ball
  • Color Guard
  • Community Service Projects
  • Sea Cruises
  • Orientation Visits

Classroom Policies and Procedures

This document includes information about the weekly classroom routine, academic requirements, academic support plan, plagiarism/test-taking, tardy policy, military appearmance requirements, grading policy, physical fitness/leadership lab requirements, uniforms/equipment, and personal behavior standards.