College & Career Center


Welcome! The College & Career Center is open 7:30am - 3:30pm. Students can come in at lunch or any other time during the day with a pass as long as a scheduled activity is not taking place. Parents are welcome as well.

Parents and students can also make an appointment with Ms. Maloney in the College & Career Center for help on getting started on a college, career or scholarship search. This is especially important for eleventh graders.

The College & Career Center holds a wealth of information and resources for students as they ponder "life after high school."  However, only those who make a point of tapping these resources will reap the many benefits. Students planning to attend a post-secondary school, whether it is 2 year, 4 year, or Vo/Tech, should visit the College & Career Center.

Learn about Dual Enrollment.

Video:  FAFSA Overview 
Video:  After the FAFSA

See how MCPS prepares students their future.

Some resources offered are:

  • Naviance Student (formerly Family Connection)
    Explore and plan for college and career.
    Video ~ Reference Guide
  • College Application Packet
  • Eagles Bulletin - Emails about college and career opportunities
  • Computer searches: college, career, and scholarships
  • Applications, viewbooks, and catalogs for many colleges
  • College & vo-tech, school admission representative visits
  • Financial aid information and forms
  • College/career planning guide books
  • Military information: ASVAB testing
  • Naviance Student College & Career Interests Inventory
  • College fairs
  • Help on essay writing, interviewing, and resume writing


Learn about the ASVAB and what it can do for you!

Test Prep 

Check out the variety of options!

ESOL Students

Practice your English speaking skills.  Go on line and register for your TOEFL Test and get practice tests for free.  Help build confidence in speaking and practice at your own speed.  To learn more, go to