Physical Education


Michael Gillen

Students will receive Physical Education class one time per week, however students will have the opportunity to sign up for intermural sport teams throughout the year.  This year we will have four Intramural Sports Programs that will be offered.  Each program will practice two times per week and end with a show for families and friends to come and watch.

In addition to our Intermural sports programs we will also provide Primary Enrichment classes. These classes will give the primary students the opportunity to perform physical activities in a structured setting, with friends from other classes.  In these classes, we will work on social skills and fundamental movement skills.

The curriculum that I will be using is C 2.0, which is the Montgomery County Public Schools Curriculum. In addition to
C 2.0 I will also follow the NASPE (National Association of Physical Education) Standards.

Please remember to send your child to school with appropriate footwear for Physical Education. This includes tennis shoes, basketball shoes, or sneakers of any type.  Students will not be allowed to participate if their shoes could cause them to get injured while performing. Safety First!

Lets have a Happy Healthy Year!