Welcome to Rosemary Hills Elementary School!

We are looking forward to welcoming your child to kindergarten this fall. Prior to beginning the registration process online, please see the MCPS Kindergarten Enrollment link for basic information about your child's kindergarten year.

To register your student for kindergarten please see the steps below.

STEP 1: Complete the kindergarten registration online using parentVUE. Please start by clicking on the appropriate option below. Should you need help, the Kindergarten Registration Support Guide provides directions on using parentVUE to register your child.

STEP 2: Upload all paperwork and documents to parentVUE (preferred) or deliver hard copies to the school.

STEP 3: Once all paperwork is in, you will be added to the distribution list and notified about the orientation this summer.

If you have questions about kindergarten registration, please call the main office at 301-920-9990.

Click here for information from the RHES PTA for how to stay connected to the community.

MCPS has a Kindergarten Registration Webpage which includes a step-by-step process of how to register your child.

MCPS Enrollment Flyers are included below:

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