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Community Building and Parent Support

One of the most important functions of the PTA is to bring the community together to work, have fun and celebrate the children. These committees help foster communication, school pride and mutual support. In some cases, one or two individuals can perform the duties of a committee; others require the work of many volunteers.


Website Committee: All schools within the MCPS system have individual websites. It is the responsibility of the school staff and the PTA to maintain this site. The website coordinator works with the PTA's executive board along with a designated RT staff person to provide accurate information on the web to the RT community, as well as to the public in general, regarding the happenings at Rolling Terrace. This site reflects what Rolling Terrace is all about.

Listserv Committee: The Rolling Terrace PTA has a moderated e-mail listserv with a goal of facilitating communication between the PTA, teachers and parents. The moderator is charged with monitoring the site, keeping the postings current and making sure participants adhere to llistserv rules. The moderator should have regular access to a computer and the ability to post new messages in a timely way—ideally at least once every 24 hours. Specific guidelines have been developed to help guide the listserv manager.

Newsletter Committee: Every four to six weeks the Rolling Terrace News provides a vast array of information, in both a Spanish and English format, to the entire RT community. The editor and staff stories, articles and information from the RT community to pass on and share with everyone.

Xerox Committee: (currently vacant) The Xerox coordinator makes sure that PTA flyers and newsletters are Xeroxed and placed in the teacher's boxes by Tuesday for "Wednesday Backpack" distribution. Working in the Xerox room requires patience since there are often many teachers and other staff members waiting to use the Xerox machine.

Student Directory Committee: The RT student directory is published by the RT-PTA to provide a resource for RT parents, teachers, and students. Distribution of the directory occurs in November. The committee works with the staff to collect information from the parents in order to compile a database that is used to create the directory. It is chock full of useful information in addition to names, addresses and phone numbers.

PTA Bulletin Board and Front Sign Communication Committee: The PTA bulletin board is in the front hallway of RT, across from the model of the globe. It is full of helpful information, membership forms, volunteer forms, etc. To make it inviting, it needs to be updated on a regular basis. The committee makes sure that the board is attractive and up to date throughout the year. The committee also is responsible for keeping the sign in the front garden up to date with school and PTA news. The school office has a complete set of letters and numbers that fit into the wooden sign to make it easy to keep RT informed of special events, breaks, half-days, etc.

Safety, Spirit, Environment

Safe Routes Committee: The Safe Routes committee works to insure that all walkers, bikers, strollers and drivers are safe in and around RT. Each morning at drop off volunteers help kids get out of cars and into school as well as direct traffic at Barron Street & Domer Avenue, and help enforce the "right turn only" sign at the top of the RT parking lot. These adult volunteers provide additional support to the RT patrols. This committee works to improve the flow of traffic, which can include working with Maryland's traffic enforcement and engineering agencies. Each October the committee organizes a celebration centered on the International Walk to School Day.

Garden Maintenance & Landscaping Committee: Focuses on maintaining and updating the school's front garden and inner courtyards. Educational opportunities are often incorporated into this committee's work. Major activities include the organization of a fall and spring cleanup, the development of long range plans for the school's inner courtyards, and involvement in playground and other exterior equipment choices. The front garden has entered and won in the Keep Montgomery County Beautiful Award program yearly beginning in 2000.

T-Shirt Coordinator: Part of celebrating RT's creative diversity includes a yearly T-shirt design competition among students. The winner's design represents RT for the year. The coordinator works with the art teacher to select the winning design, helps select a company to produce the T-shirts and coordinates ordering and distribution. A great way to show school spirit.

Fun Events

Family Fun Night Committee:  The first Friday of every month is "Family Fun Night" at RT. The evenings include Bingo, Loteria, Holiday Craft Night, Square Dance, Year-End Carnival and much more. The committee advertises the monthly events, recruits volunteers to assist on the night of the functions, plans the details, runs the evening's activities and cleans up at the end of the night.

International Dinner Committee: This event is a celebration of RT's diverse cultural heritage. All RT families attending this event are asked to bring a dish to share with other families. This event takes place over two nights. The first night is for kindergarten and first grade families, the second night is for families with children in the second through fifth grades. The committee organizes publicity, decorations, and volunteer assistance on the nights of the event. Entertainment has included performances by RT children, planned in conjunction with RT’s music teachers.

Kindergarten Picnic Committee: The PTA welcomes new kindergarten families each fall with a picnic on the school grounds. The committee advertises the event in the first school mailing, invites the teachers and staff, sets up and cleans up on the day of the event, and answers questions about RT and the PTA during this get-together.

Takoma Park Folk Festival & Fourth of July Parade Committee: (need volunteers) Rolling Terrace is part of the greater Takoma Park Community. Parent volunteers, children and staff take part in special events hosted by the city in order to have fun, raise awareness of RT and be involved in the larger community. The Folk Festival, for example, provides funds to nonprofit organizations that volunteer their services. The Fourth of July Parade encourages creativity and raises awareness of the various participating groups. The committee coordinates RT volunteers for these events.