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PTA Committees

These committees perform functions that are integral to maintaining and nurturing the PTA as an organization, and to broadening RT’s reach into larger communities. In some cases, one or two individuals can perform the duties of these committees; others require the work of many volunteers.

Translation & Interpretation Committee: This team performs the indispensable function of easing English-Spanish communication within the RT community. Committee members translate written materials—including flyers, notices and the PTA Newsletter—and provide interpretation services during PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and other RT events.

Fundraising Committee: Supports the PTA through fundraising activities which provide the PTA with its operating budget. An annual plan is submitted for review and consensus by the executive board. The committee is responsible for, but not limited to, organizing, advertising, and running the major fall fundraiser, Sally Foster.

Volunteer Coordinating Committee: The coordinators collect and maintain a database of PTA members who are willing to volunteer at RT. Recruiting volunteers requires collecting information in the beginning of the year, including names, emails, phone numbers, etc. Sign up forms should be handed out at the school's open house and sent home on "Backpack Wednesday." The committee maintains an updated list of volunteers, keeps the volunteers informed of school and PTA needs, and connects volunteers with needed services. The volunteer committee also works with the staff volunteer coordinator and keeps track of volunteer hours so the total number of hours per person, can be sent to the MCPS Volunteer office in March. A Volunteer Appreciation event is typically held in June.

Nutrition Committee: This committee works with administration, PTA and staff to promote a healthful RT community. Bimonthly meetings address such issues as improving a la carte lunch items, arranging for nutrition-professional visits, encouraging parents to pack nutritious lunches and involving students in projects that advance healthy eating.

Monthly Meeting Committee: The meeting committee works with the PTA officers to plan the monthly PTA meetings, which occur on the first Tuesday of every month. Responsibilities include advertising meetings, arranging childcare, planning the meeting agendas, arranging for interpreting services, recruiting speakers, providing refreshments.

Membership Committee: The membership committee recruits new PTA members and keeps the RT community aware of the PTA and its functions throughout the year. The committee maintains a current list of members. The membership committee is busiest in the beginning of the school year when new members are being recruited and returning members are re-registering.

Social Action and Family Support Committee: This committee is active in social and community work in addition to providing hands-on support to the RT community. It organizes activities that educate, raise awareness, and provide direct services to those identified to be in need of assistance. This committee works closely with the Family Room staff at RT.

NAACP Committee: The RT NAACP Parents' Council is part of a countywide effort to assist parents, guardians, grandparents and others interested in helping African-American children as they navigate through the Montgomery County Public School system. The Parents' Council does this through partnership with the RT-PTA, encouragement, information-sharing, training, positive motivation, critical evaluation, and advocacy. The Council has regular meetings, sponsors the February PTA meeting to celebrate Black History month and responds to informal requests for information or assistance. Monthly meetings focused on these issues are coordinated by this committee.

Blair Cluster Committee: The committee keeps the school up to date with current and proposed policies and informs the RT community of various activities that impact RT and the public school system overall. Representatives look out for RT's interests and keep watch on legislation that affects the "Blair Cluster," of which RT is a part. Information is reported back to the PTA through flyers, the listserv, PTA meetings, the RT website and RT's newsletter.