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Students who meet the state standard of reading 25 books in a year will have their names on display. Pick up a 25 Club list in the media center. When you are finished, turn it in to the media center. Need a form - click here.

Current Number of Books Read by Ms. G: 26 and still reading! 

  • Nothing More to Tell by K. McManus
  • Long Way Down: Graphic Novel by. J. Reynolds
  • The Girls I've Been by T. Sharpe
  • Blackout by T. Brown
  • The Fort by G. Kormon
  • Silent Little Angels by J. Chase
  • Pretty Broken Dolls by J. Chase
  • The Fragile Ones by J. Chase
  • Last Girls Alive by J. Chase
  • Flowers on Her Grave by J. Chase
  • Her Last Whisper by J. Chase
  • Little Girls Sleeping by J. Chase
  • Watch Her Disappear by L. Regan
  • The Drowning Girls by L. Regan
  • Her Deadly Touch by L. Regan
  • Hush Little Girl by L. Regan
  • Breathe Her Last by L. Regan
  • Save Her Soul by L. Regan
  • Find Her Alive by L. Regan
  • Cold Heart Creek by L. Regan
  • Her Silent Cry by L. Regan
  • The Bones She Buried by L. Regan
  • Her Final Confession by L. Regan
  • Her Mother's Grave by L. Regan
  • The Girl with No Name by L. Regan
  • Vanishing Girls by L. Regan