Manuscript Form

  1. All secondary students will follow this form in preparing their school work.
  2. Use wide-lined paper approximately 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size.
  3. Use blue, blue-black, or black ink. At the discretion of the teacher, pencil may be used for mathematics and other classes or tasks for which it is particularly desirable.
  4. You may write on both sides of the paper except for formal composition work and tests.
  5. In block form, write your name, date, the subject, the period and the teacher name in the upper right-hand corner. On each additional sheet put your name only in the same position. Write out or abbreviate the name of the month.
  6. Maintain a one-inch margin on the left and a one-half inch margin on the right. Do not divide words incorrectly to maintain the right-hand margin. Skip the last full line.
  7. Center the title on the first line.
  8. Skip a line and begin, starting at the margin for sentences which are numbered. Indent one inch from the left margin rule for paragraphs.
  9. Your teacher will tell you whether to turn in papers flat or folded. If papers are to be folded, place the identification (No. 5) on the back of the paper on the first three lines.
  10. Number items neatly just to the left of the left-hand margin rule.
  11. Number each sheet of paper after the first.
  12. Double-space typewritten work.
  13. Use paper clips to fasten pages together, or fasten as directed by the teacher. Do not tear corners to fasten pages together.
  14. Use the form for bibliography which your school has adopted for use.

Diagram of a basic page layout