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After-school activities are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 3:00-4:20 p.m. Students hear about activities during morning announcements and lunches. Activity buses are provided each day and leave school at 4:30 p.m.

After School Activity Bus Routes 2020-2021: TBD once physical school is back in session

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Join a fun afterschool club at NO COST to you. Get engaged, stay engaged, meet new friends, and maybe learn something new!

Check the weekly calendar for the schedule.

Clubs only meet on the days that we have activity buses.

Not all clubs meet every day.

Registration is required.

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Intramural Permission Slip (.pdf) [Updated 8/6/19] 

Intramurals are an extension of our Physical Education program and are open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Days and times of intramurals are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays from 3:00-4:20pm. Students can get home by riding one of the activity buses provided, or may be picked up by a parent/guardian no later than 4:20. There is no cost to participate in intramurals, but students must turn in an Intramural permission slip before participating. Permission slips can be downloaded from the school website found on the “Afterschool” page, or picked up from the Girls Locker Room at any time throughout the year. Permission slips should be turned in to Ms. Brouillard prior to the start of the intramural. Intramurals offered throughout the year include such activities as volleyball, archery, basketball, soccer, tennis, and flag football, just to name a few. These activities will occur throughout different times of the year, and will be announced on the morning announcements, the school website, and the intramural calendar. Any questions regarding intramurals may be directed to Ms. Melanie Brouillard at 301.353.8282 ext. 1044 or via email at Melanie_J_Brouillard@mcpsmd.org.      


You can now follow Rocky Hill Athletics on Twitter: @MCPS_RHWildcats
for updates on games, cancellations, and "Athletes of the Week".    

Interscholastic Athletics Program: Click here for the lastest news!

New Policies & Procedures for Locker Room Supervision

Athletics are open to 7th & 8th graders only and teams are selected after a 3-day tryout. We offer Boys & Girls Softball, and Co-Ed Cross Country in the fall; Boys & Girls Basketball in the winter; and Boys & Girls Soccer in the spring. Practices and games will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and/or Thursdays throughout the season. In order to try out, students must have a current signed and dated physical by a physician on file in the health room (within the last 2 years) as well as a parent permission slip turned in prior to tryouts (NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE as per MCPS policy). Paperwork should be turned in to Ms. Brouillard prior to the start of try outs. If a student wishes to try out and is academically ineligible (below a 2.0 GPA), they must go through a reinstatement process 1 week prior to tryouts and be approved by Dr. Eldridge in order to participate in try outs. All forms can be downloaded from the school website under the “Afterschool” tab or picked up from Ms. Brouillard in the Girls Locker Room at any time. Tryout dates are listed for each sport on the “Afterschool” page under “Athletics” on the school website. Activity buses will be available to take students home after tryouts and practices, but students must have a ride home after all games. Interscholastic sports are intended to be a competitive atmosphere amongst other teams from other schools, therefore playing time is not guaranteed, and will be left to the discretion of the coach. Any questions regarding athletics may be directed to Ms. Melanie Brouillard at 301.353.8282 ext. 1044 or via email at Melanie_J_Brouillard@mcpsmd.org.


In order to try-out, all athletes MUST have the following paperwork on file PRIOR to try-outs: a CURRENT physical signed & dated by the child's physician within the last 2 years needs to be turned in or on file in the Health Room, and a parent permission slip. NO STUDENT WILL BE PERMITTED TO TRY-OUT IF THEY DO NOT HAVE THE PROPER PAPERWORK into Ms. Brouillard!  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS due to county policy.

Students can pick up the needed forms from Ms. Brouillard, the school nurse, or forms can be downloaded from the Rocky Hill website, found under the "Afterschool" tab.

Tryouts will be held each day after school until 4:20. Activity Busses will be available to students to ride home after try-outs, as well as after each practice, if parents are unable to provide transportation. If you have any questions, you may contact Ms. Brouillard @ 301.353.8282 ext 1044 or email her at Melanie_J_Brouillard@mcpsmd.org.



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