About Dr. Eldridge  

Eldridge_2019I am proud to be the principal at Rocky Hill Middle School! Our school is one of 40 middle schools in Montgomery County Public Schools.

Being a strong instructional leader is an essential part of being an administrator.  I have demonstrated a long-term commitment to teaching and learning through ongoing professional development and also recertified my National Board Teacher certification in the area of Middle Childhood Generalist.  My background in special education and equity research  is the foundation for school planning for diverse student learning needs.

I continue to develop strategies to assist instructional leaders, and mentor assistant principals whose mission is to improve student learning. The essential work of our instructional leadership team is focused on building a strong school improvement plan that will meet the specific student needs of the adolescent learners in our school. This year we will continue to building the capacity of our leadership team to analyze our current school improvement plan to make data-driven decisions based on student and school performance data.

Collaboration and communication are essential keys to school success! I work collaboratively with parents, staff and our students to focus on high academic achievement for all students at Rocky Hill Middle School. It is my vision and passion to continue to continue leading as an advocate for all of our students at Rocky Hill Middle School in order to take all children to the highest levels of academic achievement, by access to the most comprehensive and rigorous educational opportunities available. Go Wildcats!


  • Doctorate, Educational Policy and Leadership, University of Maryland
  • Masters, Special Education, Johns Hopkins University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, University of Maryland
  • MCPS graduate!  

About Ms. Angie Fish

I am thrilled to be joining the Rocky Hill Middle School family! As an educator of over 15 years, a school-based and central office administrator for 6 years, an elected member and past president of a local Board of Education, and most recently as a principal intern, I have been a staunch advocate for children and their educational needs. I am passionate about building and nurturing a strong community of learners and providing all students with a safe space for learning and a rigorous academic experience inclusive of the resources necessary to be successful, not only in school, but as productive members of their community.

My vision for leadership is about opening doors, holding hands, and climbing mountains. I believe in opening doors for all students by providing them with an exceptional educational experience and the opportunity to pursue their passions while breaking down any barriers in their way. I am dedicated to this work and understand how critical it is to hold hands and work together as a community to ensure our vision for students comes to fruition. If we come together as a community and open the doors for our students, we will climb any mountain ahead of us and achieve amazing success for our students and, ultimately, our community. Our students deserve our best each and every day, and I am committed to ensuring that happens in our school for our students.

Our schools are the heart of our communities and the foundation of our future. By engaging our students, their families, school staff, and the entire community in the power of an education, all students can be successful. I look forward to serving the Rocky Hill Middle School community and inspiring and empowering all of our students to pursue their passions and become innovative and engaged members of society.


  • Graduate Certificate, Educational Administration, California University of Pennsylvania
  • Masters, Secondary English, Syracuse University
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, University of Maryland

About Ms. Carol Gough-Alonso


I am so happy to join the Rocky Hill Middle School Community!  I have dedicated my entire career to education because I truly believe it is the best way to make the world a better place.  Middle school students are still learning valuable social skills as they begin to interact more independently with their peers.  Their academic performance is also important as they prepare for high school.  Middle School is a significant transition time that requires dedicated professionals that are attuned and appreciate the particular developmental stages of young adolescents.  I look forward to collaborating creatively with students, families, RHMS staff, grade level teams and the administration to ensure that your child’s middle school years are memorable and positive.

Instructional leadership is imperative to successfully serve in MCPS.  I have taught all grade levels from Kindergarten through adult learners during my career.  I have worked in MCPS for 23 years, but also in Pennsylvania, Kansas, Spain, and Bolivia.  I am considered highly certified to teach both Spanish and Social Studies, and I even recertified as a National Board Certified Teacher!  I have worked as a Resource Teacher and an Assistant School Administrator prior to my new position in Rocky Hill.  I am bilingual in Spanish and English, and I am happy to help our Wildcat families if they need linguistic support.

I am looking forward to working in RHMS and appreciate the trust you have placed in me to be your new Assistant Principal!     


  • Graduate Certificate, Educational Administration, McDaniel College
  • Masters, International Relations and Communications, La Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain
  • Masters, Spanish Language and Literature, Kansas University
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Education, Kutztown University    

About Mr. Horsley

Image of Mr. Troy HorsleyIt is an honor and privilege to serve the community of Rocky Hill Middle as an Assistant Principal. As an educator with over 20 years of experience, I realize the great responsibility that I have to inspire, empower, and influence the adolescent learner, as well as have a positive impact with families, staff, and community members. 

At Rocky Hill, every student counts and every moment matters.  I enjoy witnessing the transformative moments of middle schoolers as they experience tremendous growth and development in their level of curiosity, adversity, advocacy and peer relationships. I am fortunate to be in a position to support students as they navigate their learning paths to explore real-world problems and engage in meaningful experiences. 

Throughout my educational career, I have been committed to helping students to maximize their fullest potential on the elementary, middle, high and post-secondary level. My humble beginnings started at the elementary level where I taught and led 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade; later on, I transitioned to the secondary level serving as a Reading Specialist/Literacy Coach, a Content Specialist, a Ninth Grade Academy Coordinator and an AVID Program Coordinator. Outside of the traditional school setting, I spent time as an Instructional Specialist, Curriculum Writer and a Trainer/Instructor for Continuing Professional Development courses.

No matter the role I have served in education, I always return to my core values which includes the idea that education is a social right-- not a privilege. Education is the great equalizer and an instrument to change the world. It is with the aforementioned that I go forward to make a positive impact towards equity and excellence for all our students at Rocky Hill to ensure that they will make their own positive and lasting impact in the world.


  • Graduate Certificate, Educational Leadership, McDaniel College
  • Masters, Reading Education (K-12), Bowie State University  
  • Masters, Curriculum and Instruction, John Hopkins University 
  • Bachelors of Science, Elementary Education, Norfolk State University