Echoes Released: May Magazine Madness

May Magazine Madness LogoMay Magazine Madness offers students the opportunity to showcase their written and artistic talents to the Rockville community. Especially in a time when faces are hidden behind screens and voices are muted behind mics, these magazines highlight the much-needed thoughts of our students as they mold their well-kept feelings into the forms of art, poetry, and prose. Each of these publications are made entirely by the students, as countless hours and endless edits have gone to creating the breathtaking magazines you now see before you. All three magazines will be released on a different Monday in May. Keep coming back to make sure you see all these fabulous magazines! 

May 10th: Echoes

Only a school of diverse and exceptional students can produce such a varied collection of excellence as those which comprise this 38th edition of Echoes. Scribblings and splashes of creativity leap from the pages this year to display original ideas and fresh perspectives; each has something to say and reveals itself through brush strokes, camera flashes, and feverish typing. The staff of Echoes have persevered through this pandemic and we believe that this issue clearly exhibits the potential which Rockville students achieve every day through both their academic and creative endeavors. The credit for this year's magazine goes entirely to the devoted staff of Echoes. Without their tremendous dedication, personal sacrifice, and relentless pursuit of perfection, we would never have been able to produce this compilation of extraordinary talent which we now proudly present.

May 17th: AP Language and Composition

As a democratic society, we measure engagement of citizenship not just by awareness, but in the ability to speak one's mind and create change. As a demonstration of their democratic rights, juniors enrolled in the AP Language and Composition course wrote editorials on a topic of their choosing. These editorials serve as a demonstration of students' rhetorical skills - that is, their abilities to persuade readers by purposefully using logic, appealing to emotion, and establishing credibility. The process of writing included the critical steps of conducting research, reviewing feedback, and revising their work. Students also practiced making persuasive visual arguments by designing covers to accompany their editorials. The covers present the topic of the student's editorial in a visually enticing way and provide clues as to the editorial's argument through the selection of images, colors, and fonts. We are so proud of our students' conviction, their research, and their use of rhetorical strategies. Our young people have a lot to say. We would be wise to listen.


May 24th: The Rampage

The foundation of an open dialogue among citizens is an independent media which responsibly informs the public, presents critiques where needed, and generates debate among readers. As student journalists, the editors and writers working on The Rampage continually strive to report the news accurately and enrich the conversation of the Rockville community.  The pandemic presented these journalists a multitude of challenges, but also illuminated through monumental current events the importance of the media as a force for change. Through it all, The Rampage continued to report the news online. Now, they present the culmination of their hard work and dedication during distance learning. Within the pages of this special edition magazine is a collection of stories that represent a range of student voices from the past year. From necessary news to fresh features, The Rampage Magazine celebrates the perspective that student journalists bring to contemporary events.