Club Sponsor
Academic Bowl   Mr. Greenberg
A Cappella  Mr. McCarrick
American Sign Language (ASL) Club Dr. Shariff
Animal Rights Club Ms. Byrne
Anime Mr. Pang
Ascend Ms. Fry
Asian American Club Mr. Pang
Badminton Mr. Leidl
BBQ Enthusiast Club Mr. Leidl
Best Buddies   Ms. Charles
Big Life Journal Ms. Perrodin
Black Student Union (BSU) Ms. Harris
Board Game Club Mr. Kenton
Book Club Mr. Hibberd
BOTBALL (formerly Robotics) Project List Mr. Baker
Bread Bonding Club Ms. Khan
Card Games Club Mr. Blake
Cards for Kids Ms. Heier-Hammond
Ceramic & Sculpture Club Mr. Sandstrom 
Chess Club TBD
Comedy Club Mr. Grandin
Comic Book Club Mr. Pang
Computer Engineering/Building Club Mr. Leidl
Contemporary Wellness Ms. Seabreeze
Cool Cinema Nerds Ms. Ruprecht
Creative Services Club (Videoproduction) Mr. Mirman
Culinary Club TBD
Crown Club Ms. Williams
Drama Club   Ms. McKim
Dungeons and Dragons Mr. Jackson
Echoes Literary Arts Magazine Mr. Pang
Equestrian Club Ms. James
Fellowship of Christian Athletes TBD
Fight for Light Ms. Byrne
Forensic Biology Investigations Ms. Chang
Forensics Team (Public Speaking Team) Ms. Fry
French Honor Society Ms. D'eustachio
Freshman Class (2023) Ms. Lane
Future Doctors and Scientists Mr. Bonney
Gardening Club Ms. Khan & Ms. R. Miller
Girl Rising Ms. Byrne
Girls Who Code Club Mr. Baker
Green Club Ms. Miller
Guitar Club TBD
Harry Potter Enthusiast's Club  Ms Hill
Hellenic Club Mr. Baker
Hiking Club TBD
Hispanic Leadership Club Ms. McKim
Homework Club Ms. Wormley
Human Rights Club Ms. Seabreeze
IB Student Club Ms. Byrne
Int. Thespian Society   Ms. Sato
It's Academic   Dr. Goodrich
Jewish Student Union Ms. Seabreeze
Junior Class (2021) Mr. Akatu
Key Club   Ms. Khan
Latin Dance Team Mr.Potasznik
Libertarian Youth Caucus Ms. Gupta
Linguistics Club Ms. Sato
Marching Band   Ms. Sherlock
Math League Mr. Baker
Med-Sci  Ms.Gupta
Minority Scholars Program (MSP) Mr. Wiggins and Ms. Juarez
Model UN TBD
Musical Sign Language Ms. Heier-Hammond
Muslim Student Association (MSA) Ms. Khan
National Art Honor Society   Ms. Zammett
National Honor Society   Ms. Sutter
National Technical Honor Society Mr.Gowen
National Organization for Women (NOW) Mr. Adama
NDS Awareness (Neurological Disease and Stroke) Mr. R. Miller
Photography Club TBD
Physics Club Mr. Bonney
Ping Pong Club Mr. Bonney
Pit Orchestra Ms. Sherlock
Political Literacy Club Mr. Goldberg
Pre-Med Club Ms. Gupta
Public Forum Debate Team Ms. Ehlers
Rampage Newspaper   Ms. Trazkovich
Rockville Ambassadors Ms. Williams & Ms. Quinones
Rockville For Change Ms. Byrne
SADD   Ms. Gross
Science Fair Mr. Bonney & Ms. Gupta
Science Honor Society Mr. Piety
Selamta Mr. Lee
Self-Cultivation Club Mr. Sandstrom
Senior Class (2020) Ms. Ruprecht
Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) Ms. Miller
SGA Ms. Gross
Ski/Snowboard Club   Mr. Rea
Sophomore Class Ms. Kennedy
Spanish National Honor Society   Ms. Vakas
SSL Coordinator   Ms. Shevchenko
Syrian Crisis Awareness Club (SCAC) Mr. McCarrick
Tri-M Music Honor Society TBD
Truth Be Told Ms. Pryphun
Ultimate Frisbee Mr. Pang
Unidos (United Club)  Ms. Carrillo
Uno Ms. Zafonte
Video Production Mr. Mirman
Videogame Club Mr. Jackson
World Cultures Club TBD
Yearbook Ms. McKim
Yoga  TBD
Young Entrepreneurs and Investors Club TBD