Physical Education & Health

Resource Teacher: Mark Crichton

Graduation Requirement: 1 credit Rockville High School boasts a comprehensive program in physical education. The general physical education course selection offers a variety of activities in individual, dual and team sports from which a student can choose two single semester classes for 1/2 credit each, or one full year class for the 1 credit required by the state of Maryland to graduate.

Courses Offered at Rockville

  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • General P.E.
  • Weight Training
  • Basketball
  • Honors Health
  • Volleyball
  • Dance as a Fine Art
  • Street Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Health

Our Teachers

Contact Staff

  • Mark Crichton
  • Katie Gross
  • Frank Weaver
  • Todd Dembroski
  • Debbie Williams
  • Ray Trail

*Students in 9th grade may only enroll in General Physical Education
****All students must have a change of clothing which includes shorts, sweatpants, T-shirt and proper athletic shoes.