Tech Tools 

 Audio Tools

  • Audacity: Audio clip editor. *All MCPS computers have Audacity installed under Applications 
  • Blabberize: Make a picture talk 
  • Chirbit: Record and share audio easily
  • Mic Note: Record voice while taking notes *MCPS Chrome Store App 
  • TwistedWave: Full featured audio editor *MCPS Chrome Store App 
  • Voice Note II: Speech to Text *MCPS Chrome Store App
  • Voki: Make a talking animated avatar

Coding and Design

  • Coding for beginners. Their vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.
  • Code Academy: Learn HTML & CSS, Java, jQuery, Python, Ruby & PHP programming languages.
  • Code Maven: An interactive tutorial where anyone can experiment with learning to code.
  • Game Maven: An interactive tutorial that walks you through designing three popular games. Recommended for students with some programming experience.
  • Gamestar Mechanic: Learn to design video games.
  • Scratch:Create stories, games, and animation through simple programming.
  • Sploder: Learn coding through game design.
  • Tynker: Learn coding through game design.

Image and Photo Editing

  • Big Huge Labs: Make awesome image creations
  • Pixlr Editor: Advanced online photo editor *MCPS Chrome Store App
  • Pixlr-O-Matic: Add style to photos using effects, overlays and borders *MCPS Chrome Store App
  • Speechable: Add speech bubbles to pictures 
  • Sumo Paint: Create amazing illustrations. *Click "Try Online"

Presentation Tools

  • Google Drawings: Create multimedia posters, timelines and infographics 
  • Google Sites: Create basic, functional digital portfolios and websites
  • Google Slides: Create and collaborate on a virtual slideshow (similar to Microsoft Powerpoint)  
  • Movenote for Education: Present your documents or images with audio or video *MCPS Chrome Store App  
  • Powtoon EDU: Create animated presentations and stories *MCPS Chrome Store App  
  • Prezi: Create zooming presentations 
  • Smore: Create online fliers
  • Thinglink: Create interactive photos and videos *MCPS Chrome Store App  

Video Makers and Editors

  • Animoto: Turn ordinary photos and videos into stunning videos. *See Mrs. Yu for free education accounts that will allow you to create longer videos.
  • iMovie: Have a Mac at home? Most Macs come with this software already installed. Create beautiful videos but be sure to export the file to an mp4 to show at school.
  • Windows Live Moviemaker: Create beautiful videos using your PC. *All MCPS computers have this installed under Applications. Avoid editing your videos at home and school. Choose one computer and try doing all of the editing from that one computer.
  • WeVideo: Free version of an online video editor *MCPS Chrome Store App