Student Service Learning (SSL)

Sharon Warner, Frost SSL Coordinator



The MCPS SSL high school graduation requirement is 75 hours, but students may start earning hours over the summer prior to sixth grade. Information regarding SSL, as well as downloadable SSL forms may be found at the MCPS SSL page. As always, there are changes from year to year regarding what activities and which organizations are approved for service. Do not assume that because you or a sibling performed a certain service at a particular organization in the past that it is automatically approved.

SSL Opportunities

SSL activities must be performed with MCPS approved non-profit organizations.  You can find SSL opportunities by visiting the Volunteer Center of Montgomery County or the MCPS approved list on the MCPS SSL page. 

If your organization is not on the list, each individual student needs to obtain pre-approval from the Frost SSL Coordinator or MCPS SSL Coordinator at least two weeks PRIOR to the service, or credit cannot be awarded.  All pre-approved requests must be submitted via MCPS Form 560-50.  There is no such thing as "group approval" for organizations that are not on the MCPS list of approved organizations.

Verification of Hours

SSL hours are reported on MCPS Form 560-51.  Forms are available here or in the main hallway outside the cafeteria.  Documentation of hours performed must be submitted by the appropriate deadline shown below or students will not be granted credit for those hours.  Frost adheres to the county-wide MCPS deadlines.


  • Last Friday in September (Sept 25, 2015):  Documentation of all service performed during the summer is due to the SSL Coordinator.
  • Second Friday in January (January 8, 2016):  Documentation of all service performed during the first semester is due to the SSL Coordinator.
  • First Friday in June (June 5, 2016):  Documentation of all service performed during the second semester is due to the SSL Coordinator.

Even if you will be continuing your service with a particular organization, you must submit any hours already accrued by the deadline.

After submitting your verification of hours, you can assume the hours have been accepted and put into your record.  The hours will be reflected in your SSL hours on your report card.  If there is a question regarding your SSL paperwork, you will hear from the Frost SSL Coordinator as soon as possible with an explanation regarding the question and/or issue concerning your paperwork.

Denial of Credit

There are two main reasons students are denied credit for student service learning activities.  The #1 reason for denial of credit is failure to obtain pre-approval for activities that are performed with agencies that are not listed on the MCPS approved organization list.  The #2 reason for denial of credit is failure to submit hours before the required deadline.  Announcements are made every day for two weeks prior to each deadline reminding students to submit their forms.