Staff Directory print

Principal 240-740-6100

Mr. Damon A Monteleone (Damon)


Miss Laura M Hermansdorfer

Administrative Secretary to the Principal

Assistant Principal 240-740-6100

Mr. Scott W Durbin

Assistant Prinicpal

Ms. Robin L Ebbe Wheeler

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Karla L Lopez-Arias

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Veena L Roberson

Assistant Principal

Main Office 240-740-6100

Mrs. Susan L Aubertin (Sue)

School Secretary I 10 Month

Ms. Mary L Ayala

School Secretary II 10 Month

Mrs. Debra L Hirrlinger

School Secretary I 10 Month

Mrs. Cathleen J Stec (Cathy)

School Secretary I 10 Month

IB Magnet Office 240-740-6165

Mr. Joseph F Jelen (Joe)

Magnet Coordinator

Ms. Christy Kawa

Paraeducator/Student support

Mrs. Cynthia M Montgomery

School Secretary II 12 Month

Ms. Nancy S Shay

IB Coordinator, TOK 1 & 2

Health Room 240-740-6102

Attendance Office 240-740-6101

Miss Claire A Wall

School Secretary I 10 Month

Food Services 240-740-6104

Ms. Pey-huey Chang

Cafeteria Worker I

Mr. Junqian Chen

Cafeteria Worker I

Mrs. Zhuohui Chung

Cafeteria Manager III

Ms. Silvia M Granados Gochez

Cafeteria Worker I

Mrs. Meichu Yu

Cafeteria Worker I

Business Office 240-740-6111

Ms. Ozmara K Hernandez

School Business Administrator

Building Services 240-740-6103

Ms. Jenny F Amaya Diaz (Jackie)

Building Service Manager V

Mrs. Doris Y Andino

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mr. Kevin A Ayala Gutierrez

Bldng Service Wrkr ICB

Ms. Halina Bazyluk

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mr. Jose A Cabrera

Plant Equipment Operator II

Ms. Nancy R Condori

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Americo Da Silva

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Tilak R Dhall

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mrs. Yeni E Diaz De Vigil

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mrs. Rosa D Fuentes

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Miguel A Lazo

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Mr. Michael V Le

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Ernest E Matthews Jr

Building Service Worker

Ms. Cindy A Rodriguez

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mr. Cupertino Unda

Building Service Worker Sh 2

Ms. Stephanie Vigil

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Mrs. Min Zhang

Building Service Worker Sh 1

Financial Assistant 240-740-6112

Ms. Ana R Chavez

School Financial Assistant

Counseling Department 240-740-6120

Mrs. Antoinette J Phillips

Counselor Resource (K)

Ms. Evan E Anderson

Counselor (G, H, I)

Mrs. Shannon O Chen

Counselor (C, E)

Mr. Paul W Craft

Counselor (P, R, U)

Mr. Geoffrey D Finch

Counselor (Ba-Ben, S)

Mr. Austin-Drake James

Counselor (Beo-Bz, L)

Mrs. Erica D LeBright

Counselor (A, W, X)

Mrs. Karla J Lepinsky

ESOL Counselor

Mrs. Brigid D McKelvey (Brigid)

Counselor (J, N, O, Q, Y, Z)

Dr. Lisa M Nesson

School Psychologist

Mr. Marcus R Turner

Counselor (F, M)

Mrs. Deanne Weiler

School Secretary II 12 Month

Registrar 240-740-6122

Mrs. Erin M Stamets


Security 240-740-6115

Mr. Dennis A Whalen

Security Team Leader

Mr. Tavares D Cooper

Security Assistant

Mrs. Kakisha T Frazier (Kisha)

Security Assistant

Mr. Thomas L Fyanes

Security Assistant

Mr. Jamaal R Schools

Security Assistant

Mr. Daniel W Yankie

Security Assistant

Staff Development 240-740-6149

Mrs. Kathryn O Broullire

Staff Development

Alt Programs/Internship

Mr. Robert J Eagleson IV

Alternative Programs

Mr. Randy L Thompson

Teacher, Acad Intervention

Mr. Chamara U Wijeratne (Chamy)

Alternative Programs

Art 240-740-6157

Mrs. Kimberly J Gould

Photography, Digital Art

Mr. Michael McDermott

Digital Art, Studio Art, AP Art History

Ms. Kelly Posey

Found Art, Studio Art, AP/IB Art & Design

Mrs. Katherine M Stanton

Found of Art, Studio Art 2/2D, Painting

Ms. Amanda L Wall

Teacher Resource (Electives), Ceramics, Art & Culture

Ms. Amy J Weaver

Ceramics 1, 2, 3

Athletic Director 240-740-6150

Mr. Jonathan J Freda

Athletic Director

Career Center 240-740-6135

Ms. Mary F Hull

College/Career Info Coord

Choral Music 240-740-6148

Mrs. Carrie L Eyler


Computer Science 240-740-5951

Mrs. Kimberly L Gustin

Computer Science, Website Development

Dr. Heather Hennis

Computer Science

Mr. Chamara U Wijeratne (Chamy)

AP Computer Science

English 240-740-6154

Mr. James C Agnew

English 9, 12

Ms. Mina J Anderson

AP Lit & Comp, Creative Writing, Eng 10

Mr. Michael J Arenas

English 9, Film

Mr. Scott R Bayer

English 10, 12

Ms. Margretta Browne

English 9, 10

Ms. Molly A Clarkson

English 9

Mr. David M Dumas

English 10, 12, AP Lang & Comp

Ms. Marcy Fine

English 10, 11

Miss Katherine Fliakas

English 9, AP Lit & Comp

Mr. Grant S Goldstein

English 10, AP Lang & Comp

Mrs. Carolyn Greenspon

English 9, 12

Ms. Stephanie Halloran

English 9, AP Lang & Comp

Mrs. Sara A Hashem Liles

English 9, Theater

Miss Jennifer A Kidd

English 10, Journalism, Yearbook

Mr. Jeremy C Koenig

English 9, 10, TOK2

Ms. Susan T Leckie

English 10, IB English 1

Ms. Brandy L McDonald-Nestor

English 11, IB English Lang & Lit 1, 2

Ms. Miranda E Mclain

English 9, 10

Ms. Mary Ellen Murphy

English Composition Assistant

Mr. Michael P Oakes

English 10, 11

Mrs. Bonnie H Peyer

English 11, IB English Lit 2, TOK

Ms. Rachel Pope

AP Lang & Comp, Hon Eng 12

Ms. Kirsten R Romm

English Composition Assistant

Ms. Leah B Wilson (Leah Michaels)

Teacher Resource, IB Lit & Language

ESOL 240-740-6113

Mrs. Claudia C Austin

MAPS, Geometry, Biology

Ms. Elizabeth B Fuhrman

Resource Teacher, English 9, 10, ESOL English Language

Ms. Anne L Koroknay

English 11, Language Development

Mrs. Tricia R Nunez

Eng for Eng Learners, Developmental Reading

Mr. Gregory D Rodgers

Hon Eng 10, Eng of Eng Learners

Mrs. Jill L Schuck

Eng of Eng Learners, US History, NSL

Ms. Eva K Sullivan

Hon Eng 10, 12

Ms. Michelle L Xu

Alg 1, MAPS

Instrumental Music 240-740-6145

Mr. Kenneth A Goldsborough

Guitar, Piano

Dr. Peter J Perry (Dr. Peter Perry)

Instrumental Music

ITSS 240-740-6147

Mrs. Olayemi A Onaghise

IT Systems Specialist

Mathematics 240-740-6156

Mr. Markos E Beyaregaw

Algebra, Precalculus, Quantitative Literacy

Ms. Mi Hyang Chung (Amy)


Mr. Matthew J Davis


Mathematics 240-740-6156

Mrs. Angela J Engelmann

Precalculus, Algebra

Ms. Staci C Gallun

Geometry, Precalculus, AAF

Ms. Laura D Goetz

Precalculus, Calculus

Mr. Benjamin F Gruenspecht

Algebra, Precalculus

Ms. Grace C Kim

Algebra, Calculus, AAF

Mr. Stephen W Kuhn

Quantitative Literacy, Statistics

Ms. Lynly M Lovelace


Mr. Bryan K Missig


Mrs. Elizabeth P Pierce

Algebra, Precalculus

Ms. Jessica E Reynolds

Pre Cal, Quantitative Literacy, Alg 2

Mr. Jeffrey Sanders

Hon Alg 2, Statistics

Mr. Brian Schuler

Hon Alg 2, AP Stat, Calculus

Ms. Junling Song (Juliet)

Hon Pre Calculus, AP AB Calculus

Mrs. Katrien A Theunis

Alg 2, IB Analysis & Stat, Calc, AP Statistic

Mr. Patrick C Wainwright

Quant Lit, Calculus w/ App, IB App Stats, IB Pre Calc

Ms. Anne E Warren

Alg 2, Geometry, Hon Geometry

Mr. Warren D Wilkerson (David)

Resource Teacher, Algebra 1 & 2

Mr. Tony Wong

Quant Lit, Hon/RMS Geometry, AP Stat

Media Center 240-740-6144

Dr. Michelle M Alexander

Media Specialist

Mrs. Magda J Rabbat

Media Assistant

Mr. Eric S Rodney

Media Services Technician

Middle Years Program 240-740-6165

Ms. Molly A Clarkson

MYP Coordinator

Physical Education-Boys 240-740-6143

Mr. John A Fahrner

Health Education, Net Sports, Basketball

Mr. Steven D Puhl (Steve)

Hon Health, Soccer, LAX

Mr. Jonathan D Rogers (Davy)

Found of Fitness, Basketball

Mr. Randy L Thompson

Weight Training

Mr. Matthew T Wheeler

Weight Training, Flag Football

Physical Education-Girls 240-740-6143

Mrs. Barbara A Contino

Health Education, Volleyball

Mrs. Patricia G Wayerski

Hon Health, Yoga

Mrs. Aryn N Wheeler

Found of Fitness, Volleyball, Weight Training

Science 240-740-6158

Ms. Allison G Adams

Biology, Chemistry

Mr. Stuart O Albaugh


Mrs. Bessy R Albaugh


Mr. Michael L Ashmead


Mrs. Stacey M Boccher

Teacher Resource, Environmental Science

Mr. Akshay Gandhi


Mrs. Helen J Ghent Paolucci

Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Mr. Charles J Goetz III (Jon)


Mrs. Renee L Harmon

Biology & Forensic Science

Mrs. Katherine Hatchard

Hon Biology

Dr. Karl F Kovacs (Dr. Karl Kovacs)

Forensics, Biology

Ms. Katherine A Lin


Mr. Brendan S Mallory


Ms. Eleanor Park

Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology

Ms. Melissa A Rooney

Hon Physics

Ms. Megan Shaw

Biology, Hon Biology

Dr. Wendy O Sparks

IB Biology, Chemistry

Mrs. Elisabeth A Vincent (Lissa)

Hon Biology, Found of Tech, Astronomy

Mr. Michael J Willard

Hon Physics, IB Physics, IB Enviro

SESES (ED) Program 240-740-6152

Mr. Aaron M Bernstein (Aaron)

Emotional Disabilities Cluster Resource Teacher

Ms. Rachel M Furr

Human Behavior, Gov't, US History, World History

Ms. Susan M Kort


Mrs. Lali Koshy

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mr. Kolawole B Ojo

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mrs. Julie Oldham

Social Worker - 10 Month

Mrs. Bolanle Oniya

Algebra, Geometry

Ms. Monique Scott-hayes

Resource, Biology

Mrs. Rosa M Somarriba

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mrs. Takeeta A Taylor

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mrs. Brianna B Uribe-Ramos

English 9, 10, 11, 12

Mr. Edward W Wright

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Social Studies 240-740-6142

Mr. Peter D Beach

US History

Mr. David A Breslaw

World History

Mr. Brian J Donlon

Government, Global Politics

Mr. Robert J Eagleson IV

Government, Modern World, Alt 1

Ms. Kerri O Fry

World History

Mr. Noah Grosfeld-Katz

Government, TOK

Mr. Patrick J Heeg

World History, IB History

Mr. Christopher S Hinsvark

Modern World, TOK2

Mrs. Toni L Kellinger

US History, Modern World, Gov't, Student Leadership

Mr. Michael W Kellinger (Mike)

Long Term Sub

Ms. Andrea M Lyons

Government, Human Geography

Ms. Lisa J MacFarlane

US History

Dr. Douglas F McDonald (Dr. Douglas McD)

Economics, Precalculus, Macroeconomics

Mr. Carlos Montalvan

Psychology, Social Anthropology

Ms. Amber M Myren

US History, Human Geography

Mr. John G Pearce

US History, Sociology

Mr. Jerome A Price

Hon/AP US History, AA History

Mrs. Angela C Robinson

NSL, Hon US History, AP Gov't

Mr. Todd E Stillman

Teacher Resource, IB History 2, IB Social Anthro

Mr. Jonathan E Taylor

RMS Government, Law, NSL Gov't

Mr. Robert S Thomas

IB History 1 & 2, IB Philosophy

Mr. William Vicari

RMS Gov't, AP Gov't & Politics

Ms. Sharon Vires

Hon US History, AP Psychology, IB Psychology

Special Ed 240-740-6141

Mrs. Teresa J Boyd

Algebra, Quantitative Literacy, Academic Reading

Miss Rebecca M Brown (Rebecca)

Chemistry, Resource

Ms. Gloria M Bustamante

Paraeducator, Spec Ed

Ms. Salsabil Chebli


Miss Jaclyn M Cular

English 9, Resource

Mr. Glenn A Del Favero

Government, Resource

Mr. Zachary D Etheridge (Zack)

Paraeducator, Spec Ed

Mrs. Nelida Gama

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Ms. Lisa M O'Brien

Teacher Sp Ed Transition

Mrs. Di O Palmer

Geometry, Alegbra

Ms. Paula M Sahr

Paraeducator Spec Ed

Mr. Brian G Sims

Hon Modern World History, Resource

Mr. Ryan Stec


Speech 240-740-6164

Mrs. Sheryl J Stevens

Speech Pathologist

Technology Education 240-740-5951

Mr. Shawn Ackley

Technolgy Education

Ms. Merily A Horwat

Technology Education

Mr. Kurt R Oelschlaeger

Teacher Resource, Found of Tech

World Languages 240-740-6136

Miss Rachel J Carter

Spanish 1, 4, 5

Mr. Jason E Colchao

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1, Spanish 3

Ms. Florence Falloux

French 4

Mrs. Amy E Huque

Resource Teacher, Spanish 1, 3

Mr. Derek A Letourneau

French 1, 2, 5, 6, AP French

Mrs. Sherry H Lin (Sherry)

Chinese 1, 2 ,3

Ms. Nilma Maria Martin Antonetti

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2, 3, AP Spanish

Ms. Marianne Pagos


Ms. Margaret Poo

Chinese 4, 5 ,6 ,7, AP

Ms. Nicole F Sloane

Spanish 2, Hon Spanish 2 (RMS)

Mrs. Dorothy Smith

American Sign Language 1 & 2

Mr. Aaron M Trovillion

Spanish 2, Hon Spanish 4

Miss Jean Van Duzer (Jeannie)

IB Spanish 4, 6

Special Education Support Staff

Ms. Claudette Smith